Child Safeguarding Resources

In line with the Children First Act 2015 requirements,  Sport Ireland under the guidance of the Children in Sport group have developed templates to support NGB’s and their clubs in complying with the Act.  Each NGB and any club with children participating in their service, must ensure that they display a Child Safety Statement and draw up a risk assessment based on their sport.

The Irish Tug of War Association are now in compliance with this act. Our Child Safeguarding Statement can be found here. Our completed Risk Assessment can be found here.

It is now a requirement that all clubs with children participating must also complete their own versions of these documents. To make this process as easy as possible, a generic template of both documents can be found below and downloaded. Clubs can edit these documents to make them specific to their own club and can use the Associations own, completed documents, as a guide.


Generic Child Safeguarding Statement:   Here


Generic Child Risk Assessment:   Here


The Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment must be completed immediately by all clubs with children currently active in the club. Any club planning on having children involved in the future, should complete both documents in advance of the children begining training.