Clonmany B Claim The National 560kg After Epic Final!!

Last Sunday, all roads led to Longford town where the Irish Tug of War Association hosted the National 560kg. This was the last National title of the season. Teams competing were Clonmany, Mountain View A, Mountain View B & Clonmany B, and although there were only 4 teams it is fair to say that this was one of the toughest competitions yet.

All points in the round robin were hard fought and hard earned. There was very little between all of the teams. But at the end of the round robin, Clonmany B were on top points. This meant they met Mountain View B in the semifinals, with Mountain View A meeting Clonmany.

The 1st semifinal with Clonmany B and Mountain View B was a very tight pull, but the Clonmany B men had full control and inched their way to the final in 2 straight ends. The 2nd semi final was a tougher battle between Clonmany and Mountain View A. But the Mountain View A men pushed on and claimed the 2nd spot in the final.

The pull for bronze between Clonmany & Mountain View B was not going to be easy. Both teams were very evenly matched having won a point each when the met in the round robin. However, this time the Mountain View B squad managed to hold on and claim both ends and bronze in National 560kg

Clonmany v Mountain View B – Bronze National 560kg

The final was definitely going to be one of the toughest battles all season. Yet again, Mountain View A & Clonmany B met in the final. You could sense the tension in the air as the crowd knew this was not going to be easy won. The first few seconds was indeed an indication of what was ahead. With nothing between either teams, this final was very hard to predict. After a fantastic battle, Mountain View A took the 1st end. However, the Clonmany B team are known for their fight and determination and were not going to give up the title easily. The went on to claim the 2nd end, giving both teams a point each, they now had a 3rd end to decide the winners. With both teams hungry for victory this was indeed a tremendous battle. Neither side would give up. In the end they both ended up on 2 cautions each, resulting in the pull being restarted by the referee. Much to the delight of the crowd, these 2 teams were leaving everything they had on the mats. The pull restarted with both teams already feeling the burn. It was now a battle of wills. And yet again neither side would give an inch. However, the Clonmany B men were the ones that managed to hang on, and claim the point they needed to win the National 560kg in what was indeed one of the most epic battles seen on the mats!!!! Congratulations to both teams on a fantastic display of world class tug of war and sportsmanship.

National 560kg final – Clonmany B v Mountain View A

Next up was the open 640kg, with Clonmany B, Mountain View and Clonmany competing. By the end of the round robin it was Clonmany & Mountain View in the final. Again this was hard fought, but the Mountain View men held on to claim the gold.

Open 640kg – Mountain View v Clonmany

The final round of the 375kg league was also held. The results are as follows: 1st Clonmany B, 2nd Clonmany A, 3rd Clonmany

G&B Claim The Last National Of The Season!

Last Sunday the teams travelled to the Tullow Show in Co. Carlow, where the last of the Nationals was being held, the National 580kg. The final round of the Development League 480kg & an open 680kg was also held on the day. Clubs that participated on the day were: Boley, Lakehill, Castlegregory, G&B, Mighty Oaks, Ballinastoe, Mulcair & Ballinastoe Ladies

The 580kg was a very tough competition right from the start. Every point in the round robin was very hard earned and some great tug of war on display for the crowd to enjoy. At the end of the round robin, the top 4 teams were G&B, Boley, Lakehill & Castlegregory.

In the first semifinal G&B met their neighbouring Connaught team, Lakehill. The G&B men claim this victory in 2 straight ends.

The 2nd semi final seen Castlegregory meet Boley. Castlegregory also proved too strong in this and went on to claim the points and a spot in the final in 2 straight ends.

The battle for bronze was delayed by a downpour of rain, which left ground conditions very poor indeed. However, Boley and Lakehill met yet again in the battle for a medal, as they have done for many years. In what was a very good, tough battle, the Lakehill men took the points and the bronze medal.

Please click on this link to see the 580kg National bronze pull:

Not for the first time this season, Castlegregory & G&B met in the final. With both teams very evenly matched having taken a point each in their match from the round robin. However the G&B men held on to claim the gold and the 580kg National Title.

Please click here to see the 580kg National Final:

5 teams participated in the last round of the 480kg league, Mulcair, Ballinastoe Ladies, Rathanna, Mighty Oaks & Ballinastoe. Results 480kg Development: overall results after 4 rounds –
Mulcair – Gold. Ballinastoe Ladies – Silver. Mighty Oaks – Bronze.

The final competition on the day was the open 680kg. 4 teams participated, Boley Castlegregory, Lakehill & G&B. After a round robin in very tough conditions, G&B to meet Boley for the Bronze, with Castlegregory and Lakehill in the final.
Results of the 680kg Open: Lakehill – Gold. Castlegregory – Silver. G&B – Bronze.

Please click on the following link to see the 680kg final:

Please click on the following link to see the 680kg bronze :

G&B win National 640kg

Last Sunday the teams again travelled south to Co. Cork, this time to Donoughmore, where Donoughmore Tug of War club hosted the 640kg National competition. 8 teams took part: Boley, Lakehill, Castlegregory, Donoughmore, Mulcair, Mighty Oaks, G&B & Mixed

Just as the competition started, so did the rain, which made the ground conditions very greasy. However, this lead to some great battles with very little between the teams.

G&B were dominant in the round robin finishing on maximum points, with Castlegregory finishing in 2nd. These 2 teams met in the final. G&B have been the favourites all season, and with top points, were the team to beat. Castlegregory have gone from strenght to strenght this season, consistently in the top 4 since winning the National 600kg and becoming a Senior level team. The bronze went to Mulcair, a very young, but very strong team that are definitely improving week after week.

Castlegregory certainly put up a battle to G&B in the final, however G&B proved to strong and in 2 straight ends they added the National 640kg title to a very successful season.

Please click here to view the first end of the 640kg final:

Please click here to view the second end of the 640kg final:

The 480kg Development League also took place with 3 teams participating, Mighty Oaks, Mulcair & Ladies. Mulcair again proving too strong in this league taking the top points, with the ladies in 2nd & Mighty Oaks in 3rd

Last competition of the day was the 680kg open. 4 teams took part, Castlegregory, Donoughmore, G&B & Mulcair. Yet again G&B continued their winning ways, taking 1st place, with Castlegregory in 2nd & Donoughmore in 3rd.

Castlegregory Win Their 1st Senior Title!!!!

Last Sunday the National 600kg was held at The Cork Summer Show. Unfortunately only 4 teams travelled to the event, Castlegregory, Boley, Mighty Oaks and Mulcair, however the battles between the teams did not disappoint with every point hard earned.

The 1st competition of the day was the National 600kg. Just as the competition started…….so did the rain, which lead to very testing ground for the teams!!! At the end of the round robin, Castlegregory finished on 9 points with the other teams all level on 3 points.

In the 1st semi final, Castlegregory met Mighty Oaks with Castlegregory winning in 2 straight ends securing their spot in the final

The 2nd semi final resulted in a very tough battle between Mulcair and Boley. In the end the experienced Boley men claimed both ends and their place against Castlegregory in the final

The pull for bronze was between Mulcair and Mighty Oaks. This was probably the toughest match of the day. The young Mulcair team battled hard to win the first end. But Mighty Oaks fought back and claimed the 2nd point. Mighty Oaks held on in the 3rd end to win the point and claim the bronze

Then the final between Castlegregory and Boley took place. Castlegregory had the better ground the first end and won the 1st point. The 2nd end was a tougher battle with the Boley men fighting back. But in the end Castlegregory went on to claim the 2nd point and the 600kg National Title, the 1st Senior National Title for the Co. Kerry club!!!!!

1st end – National 600kg – Castlegregory v Boley
2nd end – National 600kg – Castlegregory v Boley

Next up was the Development Leauge 480kg. this again had 4 teams competing – Mulcair, Mighty Oaks, The Misfits and GnaC. Again, there was a fine tug of war display in this competition, with Mulcair finishing 1st, 2nd Mighty Oaks, 3rd GnaC and 4th The Misfits

While the 700kg took place, the ladies and youths that were there on the day took the opportunity to do some training under the watchful eye of Gerry Ferguson.

The final competition of the day was an open 700kg. 3 teams competed in this weight – Mighty Oaks, Boley & Castlegregory. At the end of the round robin, it was Castlegregory and Boley to meet again in the 2nd final of the day. Boley took the 1st end. Castlegregory put up a stronger battle in the 2nd end, but couldn’t hold off the Boley men and the 2nd point went to Boley, winning the 700kg open.

2nd end – Open 700kg – Boley v Castlegregory

We would like to thank the teams and officials that travelled on the day. Even though it rained through all the competitions, it certainly didn’t dampen anyones spirits and the crowd enjoyed the pulling!!!

G&B Claim The 1st National Title Of The Season!

Last Sunday seen the teams travel far north to Moville, Co. Donegal for the 720kg National Championship. The teams competing were G&B, Castlegregory, Donoughmore, Lakehill & Boley. The rain held off as the competition got started. The ground seemed to be a deciding factor with many of the teams ending matches on a point each. But at the end if the round robin, the top 4 teams were Lakehill, Boley, G&B & Donoughmore.

The 1st semi final seen G&B meet Donoughmore. This battle was decided in 2 straight ends with G&B going through to the final.

The 2nd semi final was the most entertaining pull of the day for the spectators. This seen Boley and Lakehill, 2 very experienced teams, meet to fight it out. This lead to a fantastic battle that went to 3 ends with Lakehill coming out victorious and moving on to the final.

The fight for bronze was between Boley and Donoughmore. Donoughmore went on to win the bronze in 2 straight but very tough pulls.

720kg National Championship Bronze – Donoughmore v Boley

The final was also decided in 2 straight ends with G&B proving too strong and they went on to claim the first gold and national title of the season. ….720kg champions.!!

720kg National Championship Final – G&B v Lakehill

The next competition was an opend 640kg. The teams competing were G&B, Clonmany, Bancran, Castlegregory and Greenhills. Again there were some great battles in this competition. At the end of the round robin, G&B met Bancran in the 1st semi final with Bancran winning and into the final. Castlegregory met Greenhills in the 2nd semi final with Greenhills winning a spot in the final.

The pull for the bronze was between G&B and Castlegregory with G&B winning in 2 straight ends.

Bancran met Greenhills in the final. This was a great battle between the 2 Northern Irish teams. Bancran proved too strong for Greenhills and claimed the gold in 2 straight ends. We would like to thank the 2 Northern Irish teams for travelling to the competition and making the 640kg a very good competition.

There was also the development league with 2 teams taking place, Clonmany and Donoughmore. Clonmany won the first round.

A youths competition took place with 2 teams taking place, Clonmany ladies and Ballinagh youths. Both teams put on a fine display with Clonmany ladies winning this competition.

Outdoor Fixtures for 2019

I.T.O.W.A.  Participation Development 2019

Club Developmental Programme

With so Few novice, Ladies, and Youth teams taking part in Tug of War, we need to help develop these clubs in a way that recruitment of new pullers and allow them compete where they can gain experience in a competitive environment. In 2018 we introduced a Participation Program to give the clubs an opportunity to compete with new pullers including youth & ladies, we need to expand on this initiative to give all clubs an incentive to recruit new pullers for Novice, Ladies & Youth from within in their community.

Mission is to encourage all Current & New Clubs to Recruit New members and allow them to gain experience in a controlled competition environment

  • Open to Novice & Div. 2 Men, Ladies, and Youths, who wish to Participate.
  • ( Senior National Medal Winner are cannot compete)
  • Div. 2 Clubs may use only 2 pullers that are of Div. 2 status
  • Senior clubs may Compete with Novice, Youth or Ladies only
  • All Clubs must be affiliated to ITOWA.
  • All Participants Must be Members of ITOWA and hold Valid I.D. Card
  • Individual Weigh In,  (I.D. Card at scales and Substitution)
  • Open Competition 2 Weight categories of 6 a side.  540kg  & 480kg
  • Weight Advantage to new entrant Clubs and Teams with a Lady or a Youth.
  • Clubs/Teams with NEW ENTRANT PULLER  (Allowed 2 Substitutions)
  • Clubs May borrow Pullers on the day
  • Clubs entering teams must be presented in club colours
  • Clubs must compete in a minimum of 4 Development league Fixtures
  • A 10kg weight advantage for a lady or youth 25kg for 2
  • A club entering a team made up of youth or Ladies can enter with the GENSB rules.    
  • A Team  that wins the competition must make at least 1 Change before that team may compete again in the competition
  • A standalone National Championship will be set for August subject to a minimum of 4 club entries in each class Novice, Ladies, & Youths Format and Venue to be decided.

Club Development Funding

New entrant clubs 2019 ITOWA funding €150

Provincial Board Funding      €100

Senior & Div. 2 Clubs that Participate     €150


  • All coaches involved must be Garda vetted
  • Where applicable must have safeguarding cert  
  • Clubs Must compete at a minimum of 4 days National Development Programme
  • Gold and Silver Medals only
  • Trophy  for overall best attended club
  • Best ladies team/youth team
  • To qualify to participate at GENSB tournament.   Youths & Coaches MUST meet above T & C


  • Help Clubs to recruit & retain members and to increase membership
  • Develop Club Structure (coaches & Administrators)
  • Develop Top quality clubs and raise club profiles
  • Promote best practice and strong governance from within clubs
  • Recognise & reward clubs for their Participation in Tug of War

The Irish Tug of War Association believes that this Club Development system is a vital form of support which will assist the development of clubs. We encourage all clubs to take a proactive approach to the running of their club and through this programme, to assess their strengths and weaknesses and seek to improve.

The ITOWA programme will showcase and share best practice amongst clubs. The Association, Clubs & Members must recognise that this is the first steps in developing a sustainable club structure and will need to be constantly monitored to reach our Goals


28/04/2019 Killenaule T.O.W. Club   Co Tipperary

National League  Men 600kg & 680kg & Youths open 6 aside & Ladies 5  a side

Scorekeeper             Karen Hickey

Judge in Charge      Pat Carey

12/05/2019 Mighty Oaks T.O.W. Club  Co. Kilkenny

National League  600kg & 680kg ,Youths open 6 aside & Ladies 5  a side

Scorekeeper                     Betty Jeffers

Judge in Charge            Pat Mc Gurl                    

26/05/2019 G & B  T.O.W. Club, Delvin GAA Grounds Co. Westmeath

National League  600 kg & 680 kg,Youths open 6 aside & Ladies 5  a side

Scorekeeper              Maureen Geary         

Judge in Charge      P.J Moore

09/06/2019 Moville Vintage Show Co. Donegal

National  Senior Men 720kg  Development Program 540kg  & 640kg open

Scorekeeper         Maureen Geary

Judge in Charge    Pat Mc Gurl


16/06/2019 Cork Summer  Show

600kg Men National  Senior + Development Program 480kg  & 700kg Open

Cork Sports Partner Schools Championships

Scorekeeper            Karen Hickey

Judge in Charge      Pat Lee


30/06/2019 Ballybunion T.O.W. Committee , Castle Hotel Green,
Ballybunion, Co. Kerry

National  Senior Catchweight  & Development Program 540kg  

Scorekeeper                Karen Hickey

Judge in Charge          Francis Kelleher             


07/07/2019  Ballinastoe T.O.W. Club Co Wicklow

National Senior Men 680kg + Development Program 540kg  

Scorekeeper                        Betty Jeffers

Judge in Charge                Martin Egan         


21/07/2019 Donoughmore T.O.W Club Co. Cork

National Senior 640kg Development Program 480kg  Open Club TBA

& Schools Competition

Scorekeeper            Karen Hickey

Judge in Charge      Pat Lee


28/07/2019 Ossary Show Rathdowney Co Laois

560kg Senior Men Nationals + Development Program 480kg  & Open 680kg

Scorekeeper                      Maureen Geary                               

Judge in Charge                 P.J  Moore


10th-11th aug 2019 British & Irish Tug of War Championships  Hosted By Northern Ireland.

18/08/2019 Tullow Show Co. Carlow

580 Kg  Senior Men & Development Program 480kg   + 680kg open

Scorekeeper                Betty Jeffers

Judge in Charge          Paddy Mc Grath    


4th – 8th Sept 2019 European Outdoor Tug of War Championships,
Breaffy House, Castlebar, Co Mayo

The National League – 1st Round

Last Sunday seen the teams travel to Ballynonty, Co Tipperary where Killenaule Tug of War Club in conjunction with the ITOWA hosted the 1st round of The National League.

Ballinastoe, Castlegregory, G&B, Mulchair, Mighty Oaks & Killenaule all competed on the day.

The 680kg competition was first with all the teams fighting it out to claim points in the 1st of 3 rounds of The National League. G&B claimed the top spot, with Killenaule in 2nd place

After lunch the 600kg kicked off. G&B’s experience and fitness showed and they once again claimed 1st place, with Castlegregory 2nd.

Results at the end of round 1 are as follows:

680kg: G&B – 6 points, Killenaule – 5 points, Ballinastoe – 4 points, Castlegregory – 3 points, Mulchair – 2 points, Mighty Oaks – 1 point

600kg: G&B – 7 points, Castlegregory – 6 points, Killenaule – 5 points, Mighty Oaks – 4 points, Mulchair – 3 points, Ladies – 2 points, Ballinastoe 1 point