Returning To Training

Important notice to all Tug of War Clubs returning to training from Monday 29th June 2020,

 Please ensure: 

  • That the Covid Protocols Document  circulated to all clubs  is available to all  team personnel intending to return to training
  •  That you have familiarised yourself with the basic medical information in Section 1 of the Covid Protocols
  •  That you have completed the actions outlined in Section 2 of the Covid Protocols document for preparation of facilities
  • That each team returning to training has a nominated Covid Supervisor who has completed the Sports Ireland online education module
  • That a timetable system is in place so that individual teams in each club are aware of their allocated training times
  • That a system is in place for completion of puller health questionnaires
  • That the Club Affiliation  has been completed and all members have completed their on line Individual Membership  for continuation  of Insurance cover

We are currently reviewing a new competition schedule for 2020, with a view to holding the 1st competition on Sunday 26th July 2020.  We will advise on venue, format and further fixtures once they have been confirmed.

Please be advised that these measures are necessary to ensure continuity & safety of club members. I look forward to welcoming you all back to our sport.


Eddie O Malley Chairman

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