Medals for Ireland on day 3&4 of WC2020

Day 3 & 4 was the closed competitions of the Indoor World Championship. Ireland had teams in U23 men, Ladies, U23 ladies, Mens 600kg, 680kg, 640kg & 560kg.


Senior Mens 680kg: First competition of the day was the mens 680kg. 7 teams competed in this weigh – England, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Italy, Basque Country & Chinese Taipei. Ireland picked up enough points to see them into the semifinals in overall 4th position. Here they met a very strong Scottish team. Despite Irelands best efforts, the Scots were too strong and claimed both points to move on to the final, where they would meet The Netherlands. This meant Ireland would meet Chinese Taipei in the fight for bronze. Ireland very very much the dominant team here, and powered on to claim the bronze medal in the 680kg – Scotland 1st, Netherlands 2nd.

Click here for bronze 680kg:

Senior Women 540kg: In this competition Ireland was represented by a very young Clonmany team. The girls fought their hardest against very experienced teams. This was a fantastic learning experience for the young ladies, who will hopefully go from strength to strength. Overall results were: 1st Chinese Taipei, 2nd Basque Country, 3rd Netherlands

Senior Mens 560kg: Again, there was 7 teams competing in this competition: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Chinese Taipei, Netherlands, Scotland, Basque Country & Japan. Ireland finished on level points with Northern Ireland in the group stages, but went through ahead of them in 2nd place as NI had more cautions. But despite this, these 2 familiar rivals still met in the semifinals. In what was definitley the tougher of the 2 semifinals – Northern Ireland just had the edge on Ireland, and managed to claim the spot in the final in 2 very tough ends, where they would meet Chinese Taipei. Ireland met Netherlands in the battle for bronze. Ireland again proved to be the very dominant team in this match and won the bronze medal in style. Overall results were: 1st Chinese Taipei, 2nd Northern Ireland, 3rd Ireland

Click here for 1st end of bronze 560kg: Click here for 2nd end of bronze 560kg:


U23W 500kg: For the 1st time Ireland had an U23 ladies team competing at an International level. The ladies were in 3rd place going into the semifinals. Here they met Chinese Taipei. Chinese Taipei won in 2 straight ends, leaving Ireland to meet Russia in the fight for bronze. The bronze pull was very evenly matched. Ireland had beaten Russia in the group stage of the competition. However, on this occasion, the Russian team managed to hold off Ireland and claim the bronze in 2 straight but very tough ends. Chinese Taipei won gold, Basque Country came 2nd. Congratulations to our U23 ladies team for such a fantasic effort on both days of the closed championship. Fantasic experience gained for an extremely young team with loads of promise for the future.

Click here for bronze U23w 500kg:

U23M 600g: For the first time since 2014 – Ireland had an U23 Mens team at the Indoor WC. At the end of the group stages, the men were in 4th place. This meant they would meet Chinese Taipei in the semifinals. Chinese Taipei were the much stronger, more experienced team and claimed there spot in the final in 2 straight ends. Ireland would now meet the Basque Country in the fight for bronze. And despite Ireland putting up a fight, the Basques held on to win the bronze in 2 straight ends. 1st Chinese Taipei, 2nd Netherlands. It was fantastic for Ireland to have an u23 squad again. And is certainly a very positive boost for Irish tug of war. Valuble experience gained for these young competitors who will go from strength to strength.

Click here for bronze U23m 600kg:

Mens 640kg: This competition had 7 teams, Ireland, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Chinese Taipei, Italy & Basque Country. Ireland was in a good position at the end of the group stages in 3rd position. They met the Netherlands in the semifinal. Despite the Irish men putting up a very tough fight, Netherlands won the points and their place in the final. Ireland met Chinese Taipei in the fight for bronze. Ireland took full control of both ends and used there power to push on and claim the bronze medal!!!! 1st Scotland, 2nd Netherlands

Click here for the bronze 640kg:

Mens 600kg: The 600kg is always a very tough competition, with very little between the top teams. There were 8 teams in this competition, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, Netherlands, Chinese Taipei, Northern Ireland, Italy & Basque Country. At the end of the group stages, Ireland was very much the team to beat, finishing 1st in the group. They met Northern Ireland in the semifinal. This definitely turned out to be the battle of the WC. The first end resulted in a restart, with both teams reaching maximum cautions after an fantasic battle. There was literally nothing between these 2 teams. Ireland managed to regroup and claim the 1st point. However, Northern Ireland were not going to give up on their spot in the final, and went on to claim the 2nd point. The 3rd and final end began to claim the spot in the final. This time it was the Northern Irish men that found the extra strength required and went on to claim the last point needed for the final. Ireland would now meet Basque Country for the bronze. Ireland very much took control of this pull and very very dominant, they powered on to win the bronze medal. 1st Netherlands, 2nd Northern Ireland.

Click here for 1st end of Bronze 600kg: Click here for the 2nd end of bronze 600kg:

The ITOWA would like to thank all our Irish squads for all the hard work and commitment that was put into training for the WC. You all wore the jersey with pride and indeed we were proud of you all. We would also like to thank all the officals & volunteers, without everyones time and hard work it would not have been possible to run a hugely successful championships. And for all of the spectators, you made the atmosphere absolutely electric while supporting your teams, thank you!!!! And lastly, to every competitor that travelled near and far to Letterkenny for the championships, thank you, without your dedication to the sport none of this would be possible!!

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