Clonmany B Claim The National 560kg After Epic Final!!

Last Sunday, all roads led to Longford town where the Irish Tug of War Association hosted the National 560kg. This was the last National title of the season. Teams competing were Clonmany, Mountain View A, Mountain View B & Clonmany B, and although there were only 4 teams it is fair to say that this was one of the toughest competitions yet.

All points in the round robin were hard fought and hard earned. There was very little between all of the teams. But at the end of the round robin, Clonmany B were on top points. This meant they met Mountain View B in the semifinals, with Mountain View A meeting Clonmany.

The 1st semifinal with Clonmany B and Mountain View B was a very tight pull, but the Clonmany B men had full control and inched their way to the final in 2 straight ends. The 2nd semi final was a tougher battle between Clonmany and Mountain View A. But the Mountain View A men pushed on and claimed the 2nd spot in the final.

The pull for bronze between Clonmany & Mountain View B was not going to be easy. Both teams were very evenly matched having won a point each when the met in the round robin. However, this time the Mountain View B squad managed to hold on and claim both ends and bronze in National 560kg

Clonmany v Mountain View B – Bronze National 560kg

The final was definitely going to be one of the toughest battles all season. Yet again, Mountain View A & Clonmany B met in the final. You could sense the tension in the air as the crowd knew this was not going to be easy won. The first few seconds was indeed an indication of what was ahead. With nothing between either teams, this final was very hard to predict. After a fantastic battle, Mountain View A took the 1st end. However, the Clonmany B team are known for their fight and determination and were not going to give up the title easily. The went on to claim the 2nd end, giving both teams a point each, they now had a 3rd end to decide the winners. With both teams hungry for victory this was indeed a tremendous battle. Neither side would give up. In the end they both ended up on 2 cautions each, resulting in the pull being restarted by the referee. Much to the delight of the crowd, these 2 teams were leaving everything they had on the mats. The pull restarted with both teams already feeling the burn. It was now a battle of wills. And yet again neither side would give an inch. However, the Clonmany B men were the ones that managed to hang on, and claim the point they needed to win the National 560kg in what was indeed one of the most epic battles seen on the mats!!!! Congratulations to both teams on a fantastic display of world class tug of war and sportsmanship.

National 560kg final – Clonmany B v Mountain View A

Next up was the open 640kg, with Clonmany B, Mountain View and Clonmany competing. By the end of the round robin it was Clonmany & Mountain View in the final. Again this was hard fought, but the Mountain View men held on to claim the gold.

Open 640kg – Mountain View v Clonmany

The final round of the 375kg league was also held. The results are as follows: 1st Clonmany B, 2nd Clonmany A, 3rd Clonmany

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