Clonmany B Are Unstoppable In The National 600kg!!!

Last Sunday Clonmany B hosted the National 600kg in Clonmany, Co Donegal. Teams taking part were Mountain View A, Mountain View B, Clonmany, St. Pats & Clonmany B. As expected, this was a very tough competition, but at the end of the round robin Clonmany B were very much in control with maximum points. For the semi finals, Mountain View A met St. Pats and Clonmany B met Clonmany.

In the first semi final, Clonmany B proved to be the stronger team against Clonmany and powered through to the final. The second semi final was a much tougher battle between Mountain View A & St. Pats. Both teams took a point each when they met in the round robin and were very evenly matched. The semi final went to 3 ends, but it was the Mountain View A men that progressed to the final, leaving St. Pats and Clonmany to fight for bronze.

St. Pats went on to claim the bronze in 2 straight ends over Clonmany.

National 600kg Bronze 1st end – St. Pats v Clonmany
National 600kg Bronze 2nd end – St. Pats v Clonmany

Next up was the final of the 600kg between Clonmany B & Mountain View A. The Clonmany B men were very much in control from the start and despite Mountain View A best efforts, the Donegal men proved unstoppable! They went on to claim their 1st title of the season, and win gold in the 600kg National in style!!

National 600kg Final 1st end – Clonmany B v Mountain View A
National 600kg Final 2nd end – Clonmany B v Mountain View A

Next competition of the day was the Open 640kg. 4 teams competed in this, Rockies, Clonmany B, Mountain View and St. Pats. At the end of the round robin the top 2 teams were Clonmany B & Mountain View. These 2 teams went on to meet again in their 2nd final of the day, and yet again Clonmany B proved too strong and won the final.

Last competion of the day was the 375kg 5 a side. 6 teams competed: Clonmany youths, Rockies, Clonmany A, Clonmany B, St. Pats & Clonmany. And yet again, Clonmany B claim the top spot, finishing on maximum points, with St. Pats in 2nd & Clonmany in 3rd.

Next Competition will be the 560kg National on the 19th of January.

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