Clean Sweep For Mountain View At The National 640kg!

Yesterday, the clubs were in Lordship, Co. Louth where Mountain View hosted the National 640kg Championship. Clubs competing were Mountain View, Clonmany, Rockies & St. Pats,

First up was the National 640kg with 4 teams competing: St. Pats, Mountain View A, Mountain View B and Clonmany. At the end of the round robin, Mountain View A were on maximum points. This meant that they would meet Mountain View B in the semi-final and St. Pats would meet Clonmany. As expect Mountain View A powered through to the final, as did St. Pats, leaving Clonmany to pull Mountain View B for the bronze medal.

Semi finals – National 640kg

The fight was bronze was a very close match with Clonmany and Mountain View B very evenly matched. Both teams fought hard, with Clonmany taking control from the start. However, Mountain View B managed to hold on and break Clonmany and claim the first end. The second end started the same with Clonmany trying to push Mountain View B to the line, however Mountain View B held on to win the second end and the National 640kg bronze.

Bronze – National 640kg

As has happened on many occasions, St. Pats met Mountain View A in the final. This was never going to be an easy task for either team. The first end commenced with both teams under steady pressure. Mountain View A were stopped within inches of the line by St. Pats, who then managed to recover ground and push on to claim the first end. The second end was just as tough, this time Mountain View A managed to dig deep and push on to win the second end. With an end each, the 640kg title could go to either team, but the Mountain View A men held their nerve and even though they were under severe pressure from St. Pats, held on to claim the 3rd end and the National 640kg title.

Final National 640kg

Next up was the 600kg open. 4 teams took part, Mountain View A, St. Pats, Mountain View B & Clonmany. After the round robin, the 2 teams into the final were Mountain View A & B. Mountain View A proved to strong for their fellow teammates and went on to win the final in 2 straight ends.

The last competition of the day was the 2nd round of the 400kg 5-a-side open. 7 teams took part in this, Mountain View A, B & C, Clonmany & Clonmany A, Rockies & St Pats. Again, the top team on the day was Mountain B, with Mountain View A second. However the overall results were: 1st Clonmany B, 2nd Clonmany A, 3rd Mountain View B.

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