Mountain View Win 680kg National!

Last Sunday seen the clubs travel north to Clonmany, Co Donegal, where the 680kg National was hosted by Clonmany A. The clubs competing on the day were, St. Pats, Clonmany A, Mountain View A, Mountain View B & Clonmany B.

The first competion was the National 680kg. This, as expected, was a very evenly matched competition. At the end of the round robin, it was the Mountain View A team that topped the group. For the semi-finals, it was Mountain View A against Clonmany A & St. Pats against Clonmany B

In the 1st semi-final, Mountain View A progressed to the final taking both ends. The second semi-final was tougher, but the Clonmany B men claimed both ends over St. Pats and their spot in the final

National 680kg Semi-finals

The pull for bronze was between St. Pats & Clonmany A. St. Pats proved too strong for Clonmany A and powered their way to claiming 3rd spot in 2 straight ends.

National 680kg Bronze – St. Pats v Clonmany A

The final between Clonmany B & Mountain View certainly did not disappoint. The Clonmany B men held their nerve in the first end and took the first point. The second end was an intense battle between the 2 teams. It seemed to be going in Clonmany B’s favour, but the Mountain View men fought back close to the line. With both teams battling hard and picking up cautions, eventually Mountain View were awarded the point as Clonmany B picked up their 3rd caution. This led to the 3rd end to decide the winner. With both teams pushing themselves to the limit, the battle for gold was an extremely tough one, much to the delight of the crowd! The 3rd end was indeed hard fought, with neither teams giving up easily. Eventually Mountain View managed to push the Clonmany B men over the line and claim the point and the title of National 680kg Champions. Both teams gave absolutely everything they had, it was a fantastic final to watch.

National 680kg Final – Mountain View A v Clonmany B

The next competition was the open 640kg. 4 teams entered, St. Pats, Mountain View A & B, and Clonmany B. After the round robin, the teams in 1st and 2nd place were Clonmany B & Mountain View A. There was only a final in this competition. This time, it was the Clonmany B men that powered their way to victory over Mountain View A, taking the gold in 2 straight ends.

Open 640kg final – Clonmany B v Mountain View A

Last competition of the day was the 5-a-side open 400kg. Teams that took part were: Clonmany youths, St. Pats, Clonmany A, Clonmany B and Clonmany ladies. This is being done on a leauge basis with the 2nd and final round at the National 640kg championships this Sunday. Tops teams from last Sunday were: 1st Clonmany B & Second Clonmany A

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