Another National Title for G&B !!!

On Sunday, 28th July, the teams headed to The Ossory Show in Co. Laois for the National 560kg Championships. On the day 5 teams competed, Ballinastoe, G&B, Castlegregory, Mighty Oaks and Mulcair.

After a very tough round robin, in what was a very warm day, the top 4 teams were G&B, Castlegregory, Ballinastoe & Mulcair. In the 1st semi final G&B met Mulcair. G&B took both ends. In the 2nd semi final Castlegregory met Ballinastoe. Castlegregory also took the points in 2 straight ends and went through to the final.

The bronze pull off did not disappoint with Mulcair and Ballinastoe very evenly matched. Both teams with a selection of U21 & Youths which is great for the future of the sport . After a tremendous battle, Mulcair managed to take the bronze medal in 2 straight ends

For the 2nd time this season, G&B and Castlegregory met in a National final. This was always going to be a huge task for Castlegregory as they have 7 against a very strong 8 G&B team. However, the final did not disappoint as Castlegregory battled hard in both ends. But yet again, it was the G&B men that won in 2 straight ends, giving them gold and the National 560kg title.

Please click here to view the 1st end of the National 560kg final:

Please click here to view the 2nd end of the National 560kg final:

Other competitions on the day were:
480kg League Round 3: Mulcair 6 – Mighty Oaks 3 – Ladies 0 680kg Open: G&B – Castlegregory – Mighty Oaks.

Overall results of the 540kg Development League: Ā Mulcair 12. Ballinastoe 9. Mighty Oaks 6.

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