2nd Title For G&B At The National 680kg Championships!!

Last Sunday the National 680kg was held in Roundwood, Co Wicklow. The teams that competed on the day were: Castlegregory, Mulcair, Donoughmore, G&B, Boley, Mighty Oaks, Rathanna, Ballinastoe and Lakhill.

The National 680kg had 8 teams competing: Castlegregory, Mulcair, Donoughmore, G&B, Boley, Mighty Oaks, Ballinastoe and Lakhill. As expected this was certainly a very tough competition with some fantastic battles throughout the round robin. The 4 top teams going into the semi-finals were: G&B, Mulcair, Castlegregory & Boley.

The 1st semi-final was between G&B and Mulcair. This went to G&B in 2 straight ends

The 2nd semi-final was a much tougher battle, between the very experienced Boley team and Castlegregory. In what was probably the toughest pull of the day, Boley had to dig deep and fight hard but won in 2 straight ends.


The next match was the fight for the bronze between Castlegregory and Mulcair. Again every inch of ground was hard earned, but the Castlegregory men managed to overpower the Mulcair team and claim the bronze

Castlegregory v Mulcair – Bronze 680kg – 1st end
Castlegregory v Mulcair – Bronze 680kg – 2nd end

The final seen 2 very familiar rivals meet yet again, G&b and Boley. After a very tough semi-final they Boley men still put up a battle, but in the end G&B could not be stopped and they claimed the gold and 2nd National title of the season.

Final 680kg – G&B v Boley

An open 640kg competition was also held in memory of the late Seamus Kilbride, a great tug of war man who was dearly missed at this competition. Again, 8 teams competed, and yet again there was some fantastic pulling throughout the round robin. The top 4 teams going into the semi-finals were: Bloey, G&B, Donoughmore & Ballinastoe.

It was however Donoughmore and G&B that were victorious in their semi-finals, leaving Boley & Ballinastoe to fight it out for the bronze,

The contest for the bronze was yet again a very evenly matched between Boley and Ballinastoe. This time, after a great battle, it was the local Ballinastoe team that took the bronze, winning in 2 straight ends.

The final was between G&B and Donoughmore – yet again the G&B men proved to be unstoppable and went on to claim the gold and the Seamus Kilbride 640kg Memorial Sheild.

640kg-open Bronze-Boley-v-Ballinastoe Final-G&B-v-Donoughmore

On the day, there was also the 540kg Development league. 5 teams took place in this: Rathanna, Might Oaks, Might Oaks mixed, Mulcair and Ballinastoe. Great pulling from our division 2 and novice teams with great improvement showing every week. The competition finished up with Mulcair on 12 points, Ballinastoe 9, Might Oaks 6, Rathanna 3 & Mighty Oaks mixed 0.

We also had Bray Lakers compete on the day, the very much loved local team that always pull at this competition. And as per usual, they never dropped one end!!!! Even beating the title holders G&B 🙂 Thanks to Bray Lakers for the fine tug of war display!!!!!

We would like to thank Seamus Kilbride’s family for taking the time out to join us at the competition at this very sad and difficult time for them. They stayed to present the Seamus Kilbride Memorial Shield to G&B and said some beautiful words about Seamus, a fantastic character that will always be missed by all involved, past and present, in Irish Tug of War.

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