Castlegregory Win Their 1st Senior Title!!!!

Last Sunday the National 600kg was held at The Cork Summer Show. Unfortunately only 4 teams travelled to the event, Castlegregory, Boley, Mighty Oaks and Mulcair, however the battles between the teams did not disappoint with every point hard earned.

The 1st competition of the day was the National 600kg. Just as the competition started…….so did the rain, which lead to very testing ground for the teams!!! At the end of the round robin, Castlegregory finished on 9 points with the other teams all level on 3 points.

In the 1st semi final, Castlegregory met Mighty Oaks with Castlegregory winning in 2 straight ends securing their spot in the final

The 2nd semi final resulted in a very tough battle between Mulcair and Boley. In the end the experienced Boley men claimed both ends and their place against Castlegregory in the final

The pull for bronze was between Mulcair and Mighty Oaks. This was probably the toughest match of the day. The young Mulcair team battled hard to win the first end. But Mighty Oaks fought back and claimed the 2nd point. Mighty Oaks held on in the 3rd end to win the point and claim the bronze

Then the final between Castlegregory and Boley took place. Castlegregory had the better ground the first end and won the 1st point. The 2nd end was a tougher battle with the Boley men fighting back. But in the end Castlegregory went on to claim the 2nd point and the 600kg National Title, the 1st Senior National Title for the Co. Kerry club!!!!!

1st end – National 600kg – Castlegregory v Boley
2nd end – National 600kg – Castlegregory v Boley

Next up was the Development Leauge 480kg. this again had 4 teams competing – Mulcair, Mighty Oaks, The Misfits and GnaC. Again, there was a fine tug of war display in this competition, with Mulcair finishing 1st, 2nd Mighty Oaks, 3rd GnaC and 4th The Misfits

While the 700kg took place, the ladies and youths that were there on the day took the opportunity to do some training under the watchful eye of Gerry Ferguson.

The final competition of the day was an open 700kg. 3 teams competed in this weight – Mighty Oaks, Boley & Castlegregory. At the end of the round robin, it was Castlegregory and Boley to meet again in the 2nd final of the day. Boley took the 1st end. Castlegregory put up a stronger battle in the 2nd end, but couldn’t hold off the Boley men and the 2nd point went to Boley, winning the 700kg open.

2nd end – Open 700kg – Boley v Castlegregory

We would like to thank the teams and officials that travelled on the day. Even though it rained through all the competitions, it certainly didn’t dampen anyones spirits and the crowd enjoyed the pulling!!!

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