Motions for AGM 2019

Annual general Meeting – March 31st at 2pm. Tullamore Court Hotel, Tullamore, Co. Offaly


Proposed  By National Executive Committee Additions to Rule 17
1.All Clubs affiliated to the ITOWA  competing at All competitions including International Club Competitions can only use Valid  Registered Members of the ITOWA to form that team. 

Proposed  By National Executive Committee
2.Registered Members of the ITOWA that wish to compete with a Non-Irish Club in Competition (i e Club that is not affiliated to the ITOWA) must notify the Secretary of the ITOWA in writing (email) at least 14 Days prior to that Competition so the ITOWA can confirm Insurance Requirements for same.  Any additional cost will be paid in advance by that Individual. This will be the responsibility of that Individual Member

Proposed  By National Executive Committee

3.Any team representing the Irish Tug of War Association at International Championships must be selected from a squad of 11 Including Coach and assistant coach.  The Names and ID Numbers of entire Squad must be submitted to the Secretary of the ITOWA 14 days in advance of the relevant Championships.
This is the responsibility of the relevant team manager of each squad / weight class. Any breach of this requirement, unless in exceptional circumstances, will constitute a breach of the rules of the ITOWA. 

Proposed  By National Executive Committee
4. Amend Article 22 of the ITOWA Constitution
To Read as: 
Clubs participating in matches are responsible and accountable for the conduct of their pullers, officials, members and supporters and may be held liable for any ungentlemanly conduct (by word or act) (i.e conduct that brings ITOWA, its members or the sport into disrepute), towards Referee (Judge), Assistant Referee, Marshall, Officials & Team Managers or other Members while attending any Competition or Function, either on or off the rope.

5 Proposed by The Rockies Tug of War Club .

We suggest that a 50kg cap should be in place on the day of the event and that all teams must not exceed the weight cap of 50kg in the divisions they are in. This will ensure a fair pull for all teams in the competition.

6. Proposed by Clonmany Tug of War Club 
“The new Polysteel strand rope will no longer be used at indoor competitions coming into effect in the 2019 season. This is being proposed as; under TWIF rules resin is not always permitted for indoor
competitions and some sort of adhesive is required for an entertaining and respectable competition to take place. The old type of rope previously used at National and TWIF competitions will be brought back into use.”

7. Proposed by Clonmany Tug of War Club 

“An official will be appointed to govern the use of Back-supports/belts. This official will be in charge of the type of belts/supports permitted to be used at indoor competitions and how they are worn. This single official will help ensure consistency in the ruling of what belts are and are not permitted at competitions.”

8.Proposed by Mighty Oaks Tug of War Club

We the Mighty Oaks Tug of War Team propose that clubs be allowed run fun events in their area to Help promote their club and raise  awareness of the sport. We feel by doing this it will help recruit new members and improve the profile of the sport

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