Irish Success at the B&I Championships!!!

Last weekend seen the Irish travel to Piperdam, near Dundee in Scotland, for the British & Irish Indoor Championships. Members of Clonmany B, Rockies, Mountain View, Carndonagh, Stapletons & Cuan Rithe took part. This turned out to be a hugely sucessful championships for the Irish as every competition that they entered had an Irish team in the final.

Closed Men’s 600kg:

Ireland A – Silver medal winners of 600kg

The closed competition started off with the Men’s 600kg. Clonmany B represented as Ireland A, with a mix of Mountain View, Cuan Rithe, Carndonagh & Clonmany B on the Ireland B team. As expected, this was a very tough competition with the teams very evenly matched. Teams competing were: Ireland A & B, Northern Ireland, England A & B & the hosts Scotland A & B. After a very close round robin , the semi finals were: Northern Ireland v Scotland B & Ireland A v Scotland A

Northern Ireland took control of their semi final and with steady pressure over Scotland B,claimed a spot in the final in 2 straight ends. Over in the other second semi final, a tough battle started between Ireland A and Scotland A. With Ireland A the favourites here, Scotland A had to dig deep. The Scots claimed the first end. The second end started and soon became clear that this was not going to be easily claimed. Both teams were on maximum cautions, which resulted in a no pull. With an immediate restart the Irish fought on and claimed this point. Ireland held on to claim the winning end and their spot in the final against Northern Ireland

Scotland A & B met for the bronze pull and certainly battled hard against each other. But Scotland B held their nerve and went on to claim the bronze 600kg medal

And as expected, the final certainly was an epic battle!!! With both teams very familiar with each others tactics, the whole final was certainly very close and definitely very little between the teams!!!! Northern Ireland claimed the first point. Ireland A did not give up, and found the energy and strength to fight on and claim the 2nd point, leaving this final too close to call!!! After the toss of a coin to decide ends, both of the teams picked up the rope to start the deciding pull. With neither teams giving up easily, it was the Northern Irish that managed to battle hard and claim the winning point. Congratulations to both teams on a final that certainly did not disappoint!

Closed Men’s 680kg

Ireland A – Gold medal winners 680kg

The second competition of the day for the Irish was the closed 680kg. Again Ireland had 2 teams in this competition: Ireland A made up of Cuan Rithe & Clonmany B & Ireland B was a mix of Carndonagh, Mountain View, Clonmany B & Rockies. Other teams in the competition were Northern Ireland, Scotland & England A & B.

At the end of the round robin, a very strong Ireland A met Scotland A in the semi final, with Ireland B meeting Northern Ireland. Ireland A very much the biggest team in the competition, used this to power on against Scotland, and claimed their spot in the final. Over in the other semi final, Ireland B held steady pressure and fought hard against a light but determined Northern Irish team. Ireland B claimed both points. This meant that it was an Irish final, with Ireland A & Ireland B meeting.

Fighting for the bronze was Northern Ireland and Scotland. And despite giving away a lot of weight, the Northern Irish went on to claim the medal.

Despite Ireland B fighting hard, Ireland A proved too strong and claimed the Gold in 2 straight ends. It was a fantastic achievement for the Irish squads to have both teams in the final. Massive congratulations to both of them.

Clonmany B – Winners of Saturday’s 640kg Open

After the closed competitions, an additional 640kg open competitions was held. This competition had clubs from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Scotland & England taking part. At the end of the round robin, the top 4 teams in the semi finals were: Richill, Cobra, Cuan Rithe & Clonmany B. Clonmany B & Cobra reached the final, leaving Cuan Rithe and Richill to battle for bronze. Cuan Rithe went on to claim the bronze. In the final Clonmany B met a fresh Cobra as it was there only competition of the day. However this did not stop the Donegal team from powering on yet again and claiming gold for the club!!!!

To view live videos of the pulling, please visit the following links to the Irish and Scottish Tug of War Facebook pages:



**Report to follow on day 2 – the open championships @ the B&I’s

680kg Closed

600kg Closed

640kg open

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