Cuan Rithe Claim 1st All Ireland Gold Of The Indoor Season

Cuan Rithe hosted the 1st of the National Indoor Championships on Sunday in Newcastle West, Co Limerick. First competition of the day was the 680kg National Championship with 4 teams taking part, Cuan Rithe, Rockies, Clonmany B & St Pats .  At the end of the round robin, St Pats were in the top spot, Cuan Rithe in 2nd, Clonmany B in 3rd & Rockies in 4th.

The battles for the medals were between Rockies and Clonmany B for bronze, with the Donegal men claiming the medal in 2 straight ends.

Meanwhile, over on rope one the battle commenced between St Pats & Cuan Rithe to claim the first gold of the season, and the final certainly did not disappoint. St. Pats started very strong and slowly built pressure to gain ground.  Cuan Rithe fought back and managed to stop St Pats.  This lead to both teams digging deep and battling hard. With both teams getting maximum cautions in the first end, this lead to a “no pull ” and both teams had to restart the pull to win the first point.  Cuan Rithe started strong and managed to keep steady pressure to win this end.  Cuan Rithe went on to claim the next end and victory in the 680kg All Ireland final, winning                                                            the gold medal on home ground.  


Next up was the 380kg 5-a-side competition.  This is being run on a league basis, over 2 Sundays. 6 teams took part, Rockies A, Rockies B, Clonmany B, Cuan Rithe A, Cuan Rithe B & Stapletons.  Clonmany B claimed the top spot this time with maximum points, Cuan Rithe A in second place & Rockies B in 3rd.


The last competition of the day was an open 640kg with only 3 teams competiting, Cuan Rithe, Rockies and Stapletons.  Cuan Rithe & Stapletons met in the final, but yet again the home team proved too strong, and Cuan Rithe collected their 2nd top spot of the day.

Overall, there was some fantasic pulling on the day and was a brilliant start to the National Championships.


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