The Use Of Belts When Competing

With immediate effect, the Irish Tug of War Association will be implementing the rule, set by TWIF, about the use of belts while competing.   The rule states (taken directly from the TWIF Rules Manual 2018):

“A leather or woven belt may be worn by a puller to support his/her back during competition.  No construction or additional material may be attached to any belt.  The buckle or closing apparatus of the leather belt cannot come into contact with the rope and must be worn to the front of the body. The loose ends of a woven belt cannot come into contact or be wrapped around the rope and must be worn to the front or opposite side of the rope. Under no circumstances will the rope be permitted to run BETWEEN the belt and the pullers’ body.  Any belt should be made available for inspection by a judge at any time during a tournament.

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