St. Pats Complete 8-A-Side Clean Sweep

The final of the National Indoor Championship Series took place last Sunday in St. Mary’s Hall, Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford. St. Pats took Gold in the 560kg to complete another clean sweep of Indoor Championships. They were stopped short of going unbeaten in all competitions however, as Mountain View defeated Carndonagh in the 5-a-side final.

The 3rd competition of the day, the Open 640kg competition, was also won by St. Pats.

The 560kg round robin was topped by St. Pats, who went into the straight final against Mountain View. Carndonagh took their 3rd bronze medal of the season uncontested.

St, Pats won the 1st end of the final in 2 minutes 15 and wrapped up the final victory with a 2nd end win in 1 minute 49 seconds to sign off for the season with a 100% record in the National Championship events.




It was an entirely different outcome in the 5 team, 5-a-side 350kg Competition however. St. Pats have been utterly dominant in all the previous 5-a-side competitions with both teams in all previous finals being from Pats. But in this lightest of weights, that fantastic record came to an end as Mountain Views’ two teams came away with a Gold and Bronze.

After the round robin it was Mountain View B who finished out in front on 10 points, followed by St. Pats A on 8 points, Mountain View A on 6 and Carndonagh on 3.

Despite coming off the rope in 1st place, Mountain View B were upset by 4th place Carndonagh in the 1st semi final, who won in 2 straight ends.

In the other semi final, 2nd placed St. Pats A were also defeated in straight ends by Mountain view A.

In the Bronze Medal Pull, Mountain View B won the 1st end in 1 minute 48 and went on to take the 2nd end and the bronze medal in a time of 1 minute 36 seconds to leave Pats, who had just failed to make a final for the 1st time this season, to settle for 4th place.

The 1st end of the final between Carndonagh and Mountain View was a great contest, and it took 5 minutes and 46 seconds to find a winner. That went to Mountain View A and they were the quickest of the teams to recover and also win the 2nd end in 1 minute 23.


St. Pats were quickly back to winning ways in the Open 640kg where 4 teams competed.

Mountain View and Carndonagh contested for 3rd place, with Mountain View coming out as winners in 1 minute 56 and 1 minute 5.

The 1st end of the final, which was between St.Pats and Clonmany was over in 27 seconds, while the second end took slightly longer at 1 minute, before Pats emerged as straight end winners.


Thanks to Maureen Geary and Nicola Conway for the scores and photos.

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