Irish Tug of War Association


There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association on Sunday the 4th of February at 2pm in the Tullamore Court Hotel, outlining a number of proposed changes in advance of this years AGM. Some of these proposals will require constitutional changes, so they need to be discussed with members before the AGM. We hope as many members as possible can make it. Below is a letter from the President, outlining the reason behind the EGM.


To All Members
As we begin another year for Tug of War Sport in Ireland; with the Remainder of Our National Indoor Championships and the upcoming British and Irish Indoor in Northern Ireland, followed by the World Indoor Championships a month later in China, I wish all our Clubs, Members, and Officials the very best.
At our most recent National Executive Meeting, the Committee unanimously agreed to put forward a proposal to our Members for Discussion/Approval at an E.G.M Outlining the Administration Goals for 2018


1. To Adopt the Governance Code for Administration of Sporting Bodies, and to ensure that all our Members, including Officials, who administrate/work within our Sport are aware of and comply with the Governance Regulations of the code.  (Breakdown of the Governance Code requirements can be found here)
2. Set out and adopt the I.T.O.W.A. Administration Goals for 2018.
3. To Restructure our Club Affiliations, and Introduce Individual Membership Fees which is required to meet the increasing cost of Insurance and administration of the I.T.O.W.A
4. All Clubs will have equal Voting Rights.
5. And all Members will have a Range of Personal Benefits, and the opportunity to Voice their Ideas and Proposals within our Tug of War Family, that will help promote and develop our Sport.
6. Officials that are active through our Championship Competitions will have full Voting Rights. These are the People that run our Sport on the Ground their Valued Experience must be taken into account in matters concerning the Development of the Irish Tug of War Association.


I’m asking all our Members Past & Present to read our Proposal and Come and Support at the E.G.M.  So we can all pull together in an Open and Inclusive team, for the Future of our Sport.
Dan Mc McCarthy
I.T.O.W.A. President


Proposals can be found here