2017 European Outdoor Championships

This years Outdoor European Championships were held in Southport, England. Pullers from several clubs travelled over to compete in the 4 men’s weight categories throughout the event.


Day 1 kicked off with G&B and Boley taking part in the 680kg Open Club competition. G&B did very well making the semi final where they met Ebersecken. They lost out in this pull and came up against Valleitrekkers in the bronze medal pull where they were unfortunately beaten in straight ends. Ebersecken went on to defeat TTV Heure to take the Gold Medal.

The days 2nd weight was the 560kg, with Glenhill taking part as the sole Irish club. Bancran and Derryogue from Northern Ireland were also competing. Glenhill finished up 6th in their group. The final of this event was contested by Engelberg and Bancran. Engelberg came out on top to take Gold, with Mosnang defeating Sins for the bronze.

Day 2 began with the 720kg. This was ran in 1 group and G&B were in action again. They were very strong in the group stage, coming off the rope in 1st place and defeating TTV Koapman in straight ends to make the final against TTV Valleitrekkers. They came up just short in the final losing in straight ends. Ttv Koapman took the bronze ahead of TTV Gelderswoude.

The 640kg was next and was ran in 4 groups. St. Pats were the only Irish club, while Derryogue from Northern Ireland were also taking part. Neither club made it out of their group and it was Ebersecken who took their 2nd gold medal, beating Venseeboys, with Engleberg taking bronze.


The weekends Closed Competitions began with the 680kg, ran in 2 groups. Ireland made it out of their group in 2nd, behind Switzerland and met The Netherlands in the semi final. Ireland lost out in the semi, but bounced back well to defeat Sweden and take the bronze medal. Ireland’s conquerors, The Netherlands, went on to defeat Switzerland in a 3 ended final.

The Closed 560kg was ran as one group of 10 teams, with Ireland finishing up in 8th place. Northern Ireland defeated England to take bronze in this event, while in the Final, Switzerland won out against The Basque Country.

The final days competition got underway with the Closed 720kg. The Irish team was strong in this event and made the semi final where they met Latvia. A straight end victory saw them progress to the final to face The Netherlands, in a repeat of the 680kg semi final meeting. unfortunately the result was also a repeat, with The Netherlands taking the Gold medal, but it was a fantastic Irish performance. England beat Latvia in the bronze pull.

In the closing event, the Closed 640kg, Ireland just missed out on the semi finals, finishing 5th. Switzerland emerged as eventual winners in a 3 ended final, beating The Netherlands. Sweden took the Bronze.


Congratulations to all Irish clubs and pullers who travelled and to the entire Irish Squad who came home with a Silver and Bronze medal. No Gold medal this time, but Irish teams and G&B in particular, put themselves in the mix for medals right across all 4 days and put in some very strong performances over the weekend.

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