World Games 2017

The World Games 2017 took place between 20–30 July in Wroclaw, Poland. The top 6 teams in the world qualified to take part in 3 Tug of War events ran over last Saturday and Sunday. The Women’s Indoor 540kg and the Men’s Outdoor 700kg were held last Saturday and the Men’s Outdoor 640kg was held on Sunday. Irish teams travelled over to take part in the women’s 540kg and men’s 640kg events.

The World Games is the pinnacle of the sport and the level of competition was enormous. Unfortunetly for both Irish teams, neither was able to make the semi finals to give themselves a chance of a medal. When the entire field is world class, there are no easy ends to be had. The women’s team had close pulls against Switzerland and the Netherlands and the men’s team started the 640kg by taking an end from the Netherlands, but both teams ended up finishing 6th in their events.

In the opening event, the Women’s Indoor 540kg, Chinese Taipei were in imperious form as they won the gold medal without losing an end. They defeated China in the final and were awarded the prize of IWGA Team of the Day by the International World Games Association for their performance. South Africa defeated The Netherlands to take the bronze medal.

No Irish team qualified to compete in the Men’s 700kg event. The competition was won by Switzerland, who, like Chinese Taipei, took the gold without droping an end. The Netherlands finished with silver and Great Britain defeated Belgium for the bronze.


The final event was Sunday’s Men’s 640kg. Switzerland again topped the group on maximum points, followed by Great Britain, Sweden and Germany. After the Swiss and GB easily progressed to the final, Germany defeated Sweden for the bronze.

Switzerland won the 1st end of the final, but a huge performance from Great Britain tied it up after the second end. The GB team then went on to win the 3rd end and gold in a big upset result.



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