National Outdoor League Round 2

Round 2 of the National Outdoor League took place last Sunday at Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, hosted by the Mighty Oaks. The pulling area was on the lands of the Killdalton Collage Grounds which was a beautiful grounds with hutches along the side of it. The pulling  ground was also perfect and there was a good turn out of local support there also. In all, nine clubs attended and competed, they were – Mighty Oaks, Loughmore, Ballinagh, The Ridge, Ballinastoe, Slievenamon, Boley, Donoughmore, & Gort na Cloiche.


The above nine teams all took part in the Men’s Open 680kg which was held first. Boley did well only losing to Ballinastoe 2 ends to 1 and they took top spot with 22 points. Donoughmore were in second place on 21 points after only losing to Boley in straight ends, and Ballinastoe took the third place on 20 points by only losing to Donoughmore and losing one end to Boley. Gort na Cloiche were in fourth place on 15 points,  Ballinagh took 5th place with 12 points, the hosting club the Mighty Oaks took 6th place on 8 points, Loughmore in 7th place on 6 points, Slievenamon in 8th place on 4 points, and the Ridge in 8th place on zero points, so at the end of the pulling, the scores looked like this:

Boley – 22 points
Donoughmore – 21 points
Ballinastoe – 20 points
Gort na Cloiche – 15 points

Ballinagh – 12 points
Mighty Oaks – 8 points
Loughmore – 6 points
Slievenamon – 4 points
The Ridge – 0 points


In the Men’s Open 600kg, six teams competed – Loughmore, Ballinagh, Ballinastoe, Donoughmore, Gort na Cloiche, Mighty Oaks. There was some very close contests here but in the end this is how the scores were distributed – Ballinastoe took top points here of 15 to come off tops on the rope. Donoughmore were in second place on 12 points, in third was Gort na Cloiche on 9 points, and Loughmore took  4th. Ballinagh took 5th on 2 points, and the Mighty  Oaks took 6th position.

Ballinastoe – 15 points
Donoughmore – 12 points
Gort na Cloiche – 9 points

Loughmore – 6 points
Ballinagh – 2 points
Mighty Oaks – 1 points



All points have been updated on the results page and will be carried through to the final round of the league. Ballinastoe now top the table in both weights heading into the final day. But there are 8 – 10 teams in both weights still with a chance of making the the top 4 so everything is still to play for.



The final round of the league will be held in Enniskillen on Saturday the 22nd of July. After the final days group stage, the 4 teams with the highest points from all 3 days, will progress into the semi finals.

Thanks to Pat Lee and Betty Jeffers for the report, scores and photos.

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