Important Notice for All Athletes

The Individual Weigh-in will be in operation from Round 2 of the National Outdoor League on the 28th of May. From then on, there will be a change to the weigh-in and substitution procedure and all pullers looking to weigh-in for a competition will need to have a new affiliation I.D Card with them for every event. It is important that all clubs begin the process of getting these cards ASAP so that they have them back in time. All card information needs to be submitted at least 5 days before a competition, to allow enough time for the card to arrive in time. Pullers will not be able to weigh-in without their card. The new weigh-in and substitution procedures will be as follows:

Weighing and Stamping:

The weighing and stamping shall be completed at least one hour before the published time for the start of the competition.

Any substitutes must be weighed at this time also.

Blank Individual weigh certificates and team sheets will be available from the ITOWA officials at the weigh-in.

Once a puller arrives to weigh in, they present their ID card and completed Individual weigh certificate and stand on the scales. Their weight is recorded onto their Individual weigh certificate by the ITOWA official, who also signs and stamps the pullers weigh certificate.

Once a puller has had their Individual weigh certificate signed and stamped, they can not weigh-in again.

The team coach will be given a team sheet to fill in.

Once the team coach presents the completed team sheet to the ITOWA official, the official will check that the total team weight is on or below the competition weight. If it is, then all 8 pullers will be stamped.

Once the team has been stamped, substitutions may only take place after the team has finished the first end of the first match it pulls in.


Substitution Procedure:

The puller to be replaced, the substitute and the Coach must report to the Chief judge, who may designate an official to deal with the Substitutes.

The coach must present the I.D Card and Individual weigh certificate showing the name, I.D Number and weight of the puller to be replaced and the I.D Card and Individual weigh certificate showing the name, I.D Number and weight of the substitute puller.

The substitute puller must be of equal weight or less than the puller he / ­she replaces.

The total weight of the team cannot be increased by the weight of the substitute, even if the team originally weighed less than the maximum weight for that weight class.

Directly after the change, the Chief judge or designated official shall cancel the stamp or marking of the replaced puller and indicate a similar marking on the substitute with an indelible marker.

The chief judge or the designated official shall note the substitution on the appropriate weight certificate, by adding and deleting the I.D Card numbers of the pullers involved with the changes.






Every I.D card will contain the club members photo and details. The procedure to get these cards is as follows:

The club must appoint 1 individual with responsibility for organising the cards and this club official will also be responsible for ensuring all submitted information is correct. This club official will then download the EasyBadge app to their phone from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once they open the app they will be presented with this screen, looking for a pairing code. To obtain this code they must call Anthony Pender on 087 2781855. He will give them the code that they can enter, along with their name and they will then have access to the app.






This is the App home screen. The “Plus” symbol on the top is the button to press to add a club member to the club’s list. The “Cloud” symbol allows you to upload all members once you have added them. The process is very simple. Once the “Plus” symbol has been pressed you will be taken to the next screen.








At this stage, taping the camera image will open the phones camera and allow you to take a picture of the club member and crop the image to fit. Then it is a simple matter of filling in the relevant information in the boxes below the image and tap on the “tick” symbol in the top right corner once finished. All information boxes must be filled in, except for the one marked “Official Use Only”. You will now see the club member added to the list of members on the App home page. Once you have added all the members to this list, you can tap on the “Cloud” symbol on the home page. This will send in all the information for the cards to be printed and you are finished. Once the cards are printed they will be posted out to the clubs.

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