G&B win bronze for Ireland in men’s 640kg

Ireland, bronze medalists in men's 640kg
Ireland, bronze medalists in men’s 640kg

G&B rescued a disappointing championship from an Irish point of view by wining the bronze medal for Ireland in the men’s 640kg class. The Galway based team performed very well in a very difficult competition where 20 countries competed. A gutsy performance in the third place pull-off against Germany which went to a third and deciding end ensured an outstanding bronze medal is a very strong field which included the likes of England, Netherlands, Basque country, Sweden & Switzerland. Ireland were drawn in the slightly easier group and faced the Basque country in a contest to decide who would top the group. This was a grueling match-up and eventually went to the Basque which meant that Ireland would face the winners of the other group in the semi final and this was sure to be Switzerland. Ireland lost the semi final and faced Germany in a match-up to decide the bronze medal. This was another great contest which went to a deciding end and it was the G&B men who showed the most determination to win a well deserved medal.

Ireland were drawn in a tough group which included Switzerland and the Netherlands in the men’s 700kg. Realistically the aim was to finish in third position in the group and qualify for the World Games. The decisive contest was to be against Germany which the Irish lost and meant that they finished 4th in their group and missed out on a World games spot. The Irish put that disappointment behind them to defeat Latvia in the pull-off to secure a 7th place finish.

It was nice to see some Irish debutantes on the men’s 580kg team on Saturday evening. The lads pulled well in their group but unfortunately missed out on semi final qualification with a third place finish behind England and Norther Ireland. Norther Ireland represented by Bancran lost the bronze medal match-up to Switzerland.

Click here to see the full results book from Sweden.


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