Open club round-up from Sweden

The open club finished up this evening in Malmo, Sweden with Irish interest over the last two days being with Boley, G&B & Lakehill who competed in the men’s competitions. G&B performed well today finishing joint top of their group with Goiherri but were runner-up due to receiving more cautions. This meant they faced a group winner which unfortunately were the invincible Ebersecken. Ebersecken won a tough pull two straight and went on to defeat Swiss rivals Engelberg in the final. Boley pulled well in their group and finished third place failing to qualify.

G&B 640kg team in action in Malmo
G&B 640kg team in action in Malmo

Boley pulled well in their 700kg group yesterday finishing runners-up in their group to qualify for the quarter finals. Unfortunately they also faced another Swiss team in Engelberg so that was the end of the road for them. G&B were unlucky not to qualify finishing in third position behind Ebersecken and Bison. Ebersecken went to to win the gold medal defeating Heure in the final.

Bancran pulled very well in the men’s 580kg which went on late into Thursday night pulling under floodlights. They qualified for the final where they were defeated by Engleberg but nonetheless a much deserved silver medal for the Derry men. Therefore, the Swiss team continue to dominate the men’s competitions with Engelberg & Ebersecken sharing the spoils.

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