Clarification On Puller Transfer Rules

     There has been some confusion regarding the following motion, that was passed at this years AGM:
“”The restriction on the number of pullers allowed a temporary transfer from one code of the sport to the other should be removed. As the outdoor and indoor are very different codes and with clubs of both codes struggling for members, we believe this will help to keep clubs competing in 8-a- side competition.””
     This motion only applies to temporary transfers between outdoor and indoor clubs. The rule change has no impact on the rules governing puller transfers between 2 outdoor clubs or 2 indoor clubs. No pullers are allowed transfer between 2 active outdoor clubs. If a puller wants to leave an active outdoor club they must wait until next year to affiliate with a new club
     This rule change brought in at the AGM, now allows members of an outdoor club to temporarily transfer to an indoor club for the duration of the indoor season or vice versa. Up to now there was a restriction of 2 pullers that an Indoor club could transfer in. This limit has been removed. This transfer is only allowed if the outdoor club will not be taking part in the indoor season or vice versa.

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