Indoor Sub-Committee Meeting

A meeting of the Indoor Sub-Committee will be held on Sunday the 8th of May at 12.30pm in the Tullamore Court Hotel. All Clubs looking to take part in this years indoor national competitions should send 1 representative to attend. At the last meeting it was agreed that there will be 3 sets of mats used at this years nationals to speed up the competition day. Any club looking to hold a national must have a venue large enough to take the 3 sets of mats. All requests to hold a national should be sent in before the 8th of May so that the meeting can agree on the venues.
     It was also discussed at the last meeting about changing the structure of this years nationals with the aim of speeding up competition days to avoid events running late into the evening as has happened last season. This proposed structure will be discussed and decided upon at the upcoming meeting so it is important for clubs of all divisions to attend the meeting. The proposed new structure is as follows:
  • There will be 2 mens competitions per day, an 8-a-side and a 5-a-side. Both competitions will run in the same format.
  • Instead of previous years where Senior, Division 2 and Novice were run off as 3 seperate competitions, this year all teams will pull in the same competition.
  • After the round robin, the top 4 teams will progress to the Senior semi finals. The next 4 teams will go into the division 2 semi finals.
  • If there are more than 10 teams then the teams will be split into groups that are seeded to avoid all the senior clubs ending up together.
  • To make it easier for novice clubs to pull on the same rope as the senior teams it is proposed to give them a weight advantage for this season that will be reviewed at next years meeting.

These are only proposals and no decisions will be made until the meeting. Anyone who wants to discuss them before the meeting can call Martin Hogan on 087 7649017. The aim is to make competition days easier on teams, especially as they often have to travel long distances. It is also trying to make the most competition from the teams that are available especially for days like the 600kg national in Clonmany last year where only 2 teams took part in both the Division 2 and Novice competition.

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