Gold medal for Ireland in men’s 560kg

Day 3 of the World Indoor Championship Tug of War in Volendam saw the men’s 560kg kick off at 10am with 7 countries competing.

Ireland, World champions at 560kg

Ireland, World champions at 560kg

The teams who qualified for the semi finals were Ireland, Northeren Ireland, Scotland & Chinese Taipei. Ireland pulled well to overcome neighbors Northern Ireland in the semi final. The defending World Champions  Chinese Taipei defeated Scotland to join the Irish in the final. The Irish team represented mainly by men from the Mountain View club showed great determination and strength to beat the defending champions and win the gold medal. A great start for Ireland. The Ireland ladies represented by St. Pats also pulled very well in the ladies 540kg.

Ireland ladies 540kg team

Ireland ladies 540kg team

With 11 countries competing they finished in 7th place overall winning qualification to the World Games in Poland in 2017 as the Basque Country cannot compete. Fantastic result considering it was their first taste of International pulling at the top level. China defeated Chinese Taipei in the final to win gold. The Ireland men’s 640kg was represented by St. Pats and put in a great performance taking bronze in a very fiercely contested tournament!! The lads defeated England to win the bronze medal.

Ireland, bronze medalists at 640kg

Ireland, bronze medalists at 640kg

Results of the 560kg Men;
Gold: Ireland
Silver: Chinese Taipei
Bronze: Northern Ireland
4th: Scotland.

Results of the ladies 540kg;
Gold: China
Silver: Chinese Taipei
Bronze: Basque Country
4th: the Netherlands

Men’s 640kg results;
Gold: Scotland
Silver: Netherlands
Bronze: Ireland
4th: England

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