Switzerland continue to dominate on final day of action in Belfast

The men’s 640kg team was mainly made up of G&B pullers. They were drawn in a tough group which included Switzerland, Sweden & England. The began well with victories over Scotland and Latvia. They then lost a bad end to England and lost two straight to Sweden which left them with too much to do. They produced a great display to take an end from the invincible Switzerland but it was too little too late. They finished in fifth place overall. Switzerland defeated Germany in the final to take the gold medal.

The Irish 720kg team were very disappointing in the morning competition finishing in sixth place overall from seven teams. Once again Switzerland took the gold medal in this weight defeating Sweden in the final.

The Irish ladies were well out of their depth over the weekend but nonetheless produced a gutsy display considering it was their first international championship. They showed determination to finish ahead to Belgium in Sunday’s 520kg competition.

See photos from Day 4 on Boley facebook page.

See photos on Niamh Dunlea photography.

Click here to see final results from Belfast.

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