National championship notices

The men’s 5/6 a-side competition fixtures and the championship chief judge details have been added to the Fixtures page.

Each 5/6 a side weight is a standalone event with gold and silver medals only. No puller competing in the 8 a-side event may compete in the 5/6 a-side event on the same day as the 8 a-side and 5/6 a-side events will commence at the same time.

Weight advantage for 8-a-side Senior/Div 2 championship

A division 2 club that has won less then 2 national Div 2 championships has a weight advantage of 25kgs. A  division 2 club with 2 or more national Div 2 championships won, has no weight advantage in any weight.

Other Information

Saturday night weigh-in’s  must be booked at least 7 days in advance with the  judge in charge.

Where there are two events listed for the same group, events will be pulled in order listed, for example the ladies 405kg league will take place before the ladies 435kg league.

All queries on the national championships should go through the secretary.

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