Notices from executive

The anchor position Rule 13 has been amended to read; 

The anchor is allowed to keep the rope below the level of protective clothing and contact with the belt for safety considerations will not constitute a lock.


Proposed 5-a-side league;

In an effort to increase the number of men’s teams competing, any clubs that are not in a position to field a team of 8 are invited to apply to the secretary for permission to enter a new 5 a side league which will be held over 3 Sundays alongside the National Championships. The league will be run on a points system with gold and silver medals presented on the final day. The weight for the league will be 400 kg. Any club entering this league will not be allowed compete in the regular 8 a side National Championships and only 1 team per club may be entered in the 5 a side league. Any clubs interested in entering the league must contact the secretary (Dave Collins) on 086 8545583 by Friday 30th May

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