Day 1 of closed championships

The Irish 680kg team started off sluggishly in today’s opening competition in the closed championship.

Ireland 680kg team
Ireland 680kg team

They then upped their games and pulled very well taking ends from Netherlands and Sweden to finish in third place in the round robin with 20 points. The first pull against Netherlands in the semi final was a grueling encounter which lasted over 5 minutes but the Irish could not get that step needed to move the Dutch. The Irish then decided to use their substitution but the tactical switch from the Irish management did not work out as Ireland went on to loose the second and and also the bronze medal pull-off to Sweden in straight ends. The Dutch went on to defeat the Swiss in the final.

Ireland 560kg team
Ireland 560kg team

The Irish 560kg team was a bit of a mix bag with pullers from Boley, Glenhill & Lakehill lining out in the green jersey. Nonetheless the lads gave a good account of themselves picking up 10 points. Northern Ireland represented by Bancran pulled well in this competition finishing in second place in the round robin with 16 points. The Derry lads then had a grueling encounter with Spain in the semi final with the first end being stopped as it ran over the 10 minutes with no movement in the rope. Spain went on to win this end and also the second end in a time of around 10 minutes. Unfortunately the Irish could not recover from this battle and went on to loose the bronze medal to the Dutch. As part of the continuing development the Irish fielded an experimental mixed 4×4 600kg team who went on to pick up one point against Lithuania.

Men’s 680kg Results

Gold – Netherlands

Silver – Switzerland

Bronze – Sweden

Fourth – Ireland


Men’s 560kg Results

Gold – Switzerland

Silver – Spain

Bronze – Netherlands

Fourth – Northern Ireland

Click here to see results from Assen.

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