Eire Og finish fourth at GENSB

And the progress continues. Magnificent performance from Eire Og in Germany making the semi final and finishing fourth. And well done to the Eire Og 2 team on making the top 16!

Eire Og, GENSB semi finalists

Eire Og, GENSB semi finalists

36 teams entered this year’s GENSB Games which took place in Mohnesee, Germany. The competition was run in four groups of nine teams with the top four in each group going through to the last 16. Eire Og pulled very well in their group finishing runner-up behind last years gold medal winners, Sins from Switzerland. The Eire Og 2 team also pulled very well squeezing into the top 16 in fourth place in their group with a total of 11 point. Eire Og 3 also gave it everything picking up 3 points in their group. It seemed like Eire Og’s luck had run out when they drew last year’s semi finalists, Mosnang from Switzerland in the last 16 contest but the hardy Irish team produced an outstanding display to win the contest in straight ends. The lads now faced a quarter final contest against Eschbachtal from Germany.

2013 Eire Og GENSB Squad

2013 Eire Og GENSB Squad

This again was a very tough challenge but the determination of Eire Og saw them through to the semi final with another straight end victory. In the semi final the Irish faced the legendary Stans Oberdorf club from Switzerland. This however was a step too far for our lads as Stans progressed to the final. Unfortunately the tank was running empty at this stage as Eire Og also lost the bronze medal pull-off to Streefkerk from the Netherlands. Stans Oberdorf went on to win gold defeating Sins in an all Swiss affair. Congratulations to all involved in the Eire Og GENSB set-up and on the achievement of fielding three teams. The progression of the youth squad in the last 6 years has been very impressive with four top 16 finishes, a top 8 finish last year and a semi final place at the year’s event in Germany. Well done to Gerry Ferguson and Eddie Fitzgerald who have been involved in the progression of the squad since day one and well done also to Sean Doherty and Johnny McLaughlin who have come into the coaching team in the last few years.

Click here to see full results book from Germany.

Click here to see highlights from Eire Og’s adventures at GENSB.

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