Affiliation forms for 2013

The 2013 affiliation forms and individual members forms are now available to download at the Affiliate your club page.

As a result of the extremely difficult financial position the ITOWA finds itself in at present, the executive has decided to increase both the full and associate club membership fee for 2013, this increase is fundamental to the ongoing survival of the ITOWA. The fees will be reviewed again for 2014. The executive would like to request clubs support the Association in this difficult time. To ensure the recent development of ladies and youths Tug of War is maintained the affiliation fee for ladies and youth only clubs will remain at €100.

Full Membership €450
Associate membership €270

There is a slight change in the register of pullers forms where the member must enter their telephone number and email address if applicable. This is to enable the registrar to build up a proper register of all members of the association. Please ensure that all club members name, address, telephone no. & email address are printed in block capital letters. Please ensure that all members sign the register of pullers form where indicated.

All queries on the above must go through the Secretary.

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