News from Day 2 in Appenzell

48 teams competed in a high standard 640kg open club competition in the evening. Gortletteragh pulled well to come runners-up in their group and progressed into the quarter finals with a hard fought 3 ended victory over Mount Vernon from the USA in the last 16. In the quarters they met Bison from the Netherlands and were easily defeated in straight ends. Lakehill were drawn in a group of death which included Bison and Ebersecken from Switzerland. Lakehill lost a bad end to Bison but recovered well to win the second end but picked up a few cautions in the process. The Mayo team were hoping for a grueler between Bison & Ebersecken but the sly Dutch team walked it in as they knew they were ahead of Lakehill on cautions. This left Lakehill needing 1 end from Ebersecken to progress to the last 16. They lost the first end but dug deep in the second end to take the strong Swiss team to within two feet of the line before running out of steam. This resulted in their exit from the competition on cautions. Bison & Ebersecken marched their way through the competition making light work of formidable opposition such as Engelberg, Veenseboys & Eibergen to face each other in the final. Ebersecken defeated Bison in the final to win the gold medal while Veenseboys won the bronze.

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