World Closed championships Day 1

The Irish 640kg team who were mainly made up of pullers from the St. Pats club pulled well in this evenings championship.

Ireland, World Bronze medalists at 640kg

They found themselves in the semi final where they faced a strong Scottish team who were the reigning champions at this weight. Scotland won the first end but the Irish battled hard in the second end taking the rope back 3/4 of the way before the Scots turned the tides and went on to qualify for the final. This left Ireland in a bronze medal pull-off against the ever improving Chinese team. The medal pull-offs were a step too far for China as Ireland ran out with a comfortable victory to take the bronze medal. The very powerful English team who were represented by Sheen Farmers were a class ahead of the Scots in the final and they picked up the gold medal and the World title with a straight end victory.

Results: Men’s 640kg world championship

    1. Gold: England
    2. Silver: Scotland
    3. Bronze: Ireland
    4. 4th: China

There was drama in today’s men’s 560kg at Chinese Taipai who were pulling very well were disqualified for using illegal grip enhancement on their runners. This left Ireland and Northern Ireland finishing joint top of the round robin with 18 points. They were joined in the semi final by England and Scotland. Ireland faced Northern Ireland in the first semi final as England faced Scotland. Both contests were very even but it was Northern Ireland and Scotland who progressed. Things went from bad to worse for the Mountain View men who were representing Ireland as they also lost the bronze pull-off to England in straight ends. The very impressive Nothern Ireland team (represented by 3 Country Club, 3 Ballyhegan & 3 Richhill) went on to win their second gold medal of the weekend with a comfortable straight end victory to be crowned world champions at 560kg.

Results: Men’s 560kg world championship

    1. Gold: Northern Ireland
    2. Silver: Scotland
    3. Bronze: England
    4. 4th: Ireland

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