Bronze for Boley at 640kg

The five Irish teams who took part in the 640kg competition were Boley, Lakehill, Glenhill, Gortletteragh & Donoughmore. The two Cork teams pulled extremely well just missing out on qualification finishing third in their groups. Gortletteragh were drawn in a group of death which included Engelberg & Eibergen and failed to qualify.

Boley, european bronze medallists at 640kg

Lakehill pulled very well to top their group and were drawn against Valleitrekkers from Holland. This was a grueling contest as the Mayo team lost the first end but pulled very well to bring the contest to a deciding end. Unfortunately they lost the toss for choice of ends and bowed out of the competition. Boley also topped their group and progressed to the semi finals with wins over Oxney & Gaztedi. However, they were stopped in their tracks but the impressive Engelberg team in the semi final. This left them in a bronze pull-off against Valleitrekkers which they managed to win to pick up the bronze. Engelberg defeated Eibergen to win a very exciting final, their second title of the championship. Lakehill & Gortletteragh also entered the men’s 720kg in the morning.  Lakehill were unlucky to miss out on qualification to the semi final loosing out to PTC from South Africa on cautions. Gortletteragh topped their group and went on to face PTC in the semi final. They won the first end but a number of cracks began to appear resulting in them loosing the contest 2-1. This left them in a bronze pull-off against Koapman from Holland. The Dutch team won the contest in straight ends but well done to the Leitrim team on an impressive 4th place finish. Thatch Bar made their debut at International level in the ladies 520kg and pulled very well in their first international competition. The girls from Ballygar put it up to all the teams and won a lot of ends along the way. The closed competitions begin tomorrow and Ireland will be competing in the men’s 680kg (morning) & 560kg as well as the ladies 560kg (evening).

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