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  1. Missed it – will have to download the podcast. Well done Helen on all your hard work and committment to promoting Ladies TOW

  2. Well done Helen!! just to make a point though! It’s defo not 20 years since the last Irish womens team. I was on one of the last national teams, it was about 1996 or 1997.

  3. Thanks for your comment Jenny! Blame me as it was I who passed that information on to Helen. Nobody I asked could give me an exact year. It would be great if you could find out exactly when it was and where it was and how they got on. I think Ross Rangers won bronze at some stage? Thanks Donal

  4. No problem Donal! I’ll have to find out the rest of the details but from what i remember it was a mix of Coolock and Ross Rangers for Ireland that won the bronze, pulling in Mosney, that would have been around 18 or 20 years ago. I know Coolock came 4th in the clubs that year too. Trying to remember the last time i pulled for Ireland, think it might have been in Jersey for the outdoor and Carlow for the indoor. Will have to search for some details on the exact years. I know that Coolock had members on the Irish teams from 1990 on, every year. Maybe the Association has some details or records? I’ll pass on any info i can find!!!

  5. Ah well done Helen – that is pure class and thanks Donal for posting this so soon.

    Brill all together – Hector is ur only man 🙂

  6. Fair play to ya Helen, You’ve done a brill job this yr helping all the ladies clubs out and promoting the tow. I know your time and dedication is noted by all the ladies teams and i’m sure i can speak for everyone when i say thanks for all the work you have done from arranging development days to competitions. Best of luck to all in Minehead.

  7. Well done Helen and Hector for a fabalous interview and a great insight into the sport of Tug of War.Well done to all the ladies who compete so professionaly week after week.If you havent seen the ladies in action you dont know what you are missing, so get out there and see them in action.Watch the web for some photos of the Irish Ladies Team next week.Well run organisation keep it up.

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