Gold for Glenhill & Saltmills in Cork

The novice 640kg & catchweight titles were contested today in cold wintry conditions at Ballyhooly, Co. Cork. Nonetheless there was a good turnout of clubs and spectators who enjoyed a good competitive day of action. The clubs who attended were Ballinagh, Ballyhooly, Binnian View, Boyneside, Burren, Canavans, Cappoquin, Cuan Rithe, Glenhill, North Clare, Mill, Taughmaconnell, Three Counties, Saltmills, Stapeltons  & Rockies.

Glenhill, national champions at 640kg novice

Nine teams took part in the novice 640kg championship which was run in one group. The semi-final line-up was Binnian View versus Stapeltons and Glenhill versus Rockies. Both contests were hard fought but it was Glenhill & Binnian View who progressed to face each other in the final. Again, there was very little between the teams in the final but it was the men of Glenhill who had a slight edge winning the gold medal in straight ends to take the title back to Watergrasshill. Rockies defeated Stapeltons to win the bronze medal.

Saltmills, national champions at novice catchweight

Eight teams competed in the catchweight championship and again it was pulled on one rope. The semi-final pairings in this competition were Canavans versus Cuan Rithe and Saltmills versus North Clare. Canavans produced a powerful display to qualify for the final in straight ends as Saltmills had to dig deep to overcome the challenge of North Clare in a third end decider. The final was another entertaining affair but it was the men from Saltmills, Co. Wexford who added the catchweight title to the 720kg title they won in Ballycullane and the 680kg tiles of 2010. Cuan Rithe won their second bronze medal of the season by defeating North Clare in the third place pull-off.

Rockies, winners of round 3 of the youth 420kg league

Four teams took part in round 3 of the youth league. The last pull of this round robin between Cavan rivals, Ballinagh & Rockies was to decide who bagged maximum points in this round. This was a great battle which went to a third end. Ballinagh looked like taking the points as they began to win some rope only to be disqualified for receiving their third caution which meant that Rockies took the maximum 7 points. Ballinagh take 6 points and they remain on top of the league with 19 points.  Boyneside took the 5 points after finishing in third position.

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6 comments on Gold for Glenhill & Saltmills in Cork

  1. Well done to Glenhill, you held a great rope. Your trip to Monaghan for the Killylough anniversary competitions paid off even if it didn’t go down too well with the Munster Board!

    1. Donal, you seem to be very bothered by what happening down here at Munster Board level, I beleive it would be much more beneficial to all if you would see after your own Province, the Connacht Board?

  2. well done glenhill, but one quiery will we be using the same scales on sunday? or will they be calibareted?

  3. a bit off, eight kilos per team is quiet a lot considering we eat lite a sat evening an no breakfast a sunday morn, drove 235 miles only to be told the test scales are rite but the main scales are way out, but its nice running round ballyhooly footbal fields first thing a sunday morn…..the joys of tug of war.

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