Insurance Queries

  • All club members who have signed their clubs affiliation form are insured to train at the training address given on the form provided the club have paid their registration fee.
  • Pullers are also insured to train at the training address of any other club provided that club have registered and paid their fee.
  • Registered pullers are insured to compete at all ITOWA provincial and national championships and at any event where  a permit has been granted.
  • We can confirm that the personal accident policy has a death benefit of €20,000 covering the accidental death or permanent disablement of individual members of the association. If a member suffers serious injury which is contrary to medical advice (i.e. use of the sauna) then they would forfeit their cover under the policy.

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  1. My womans giving me a sore head about never being at home with her or the weeans with all this going to training and a with all these pulls comen up soon. What way does does the insurance cover for this type of thing??

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