Gold & four silvers for Mountain view in Scotland

Congratulations to Mountain View who rounded off a wonderful weekend for the club at the UK open club championships in Scotland with a gold medal in the 600kg competition.

Mountain View in action in Scotland

The open club competitions got underway yesterday evening (Saturday) with the international 640kg where Mountain View won silver loosing in the final to Ayrshire from Scotland. The Louth team also pulled well today winning silver at 560kg, 640kg and 680kg loosing in the finals to Kilroe, Sheen and Tinto respectively. It was to be fifth time lucky for Mountain View as they defeated Kilroe in a three end contest to win the gold medal at 600kg, the final event of the day.

Click here to see photos from the UK’s in Scotland.

11 comments on Gold & four silvers for Mountain view in Scotland

      1. well done mountain view the team of the weekend and fair play 2 the clonmany man who pulled top class with them..

      2. very well done to the IRISH lads who went to scotland and every one who took part ye did irish tug of war proud . . and as for you spectactor your proble with a team that could not ask anouther team for a puller and thats why you come up with a name like spectactor …. put your talking into tug of war …..

  1. Well done on your gold in 600 lads, it was well deserved after a tremendous weekend of tug from you. I was delighted to see you get your rewards..!! Thanks for coming and supporting the event you helped to make the event a great success. Cheers Rab

  2. I have seen the Mountainview team a number of times this season and as always they aquitted themselves very well. 4 silvers and one gold at the end, which was the best final of the weekend was a fantastic result. They never gave up and are a great credit to Tug of War. Heres’ hoping for more great competitions and wins for this team. Well done

  3. thanks to all the officials and those of the running of the uk championships it was very well ran and we where very well looked after by all … looking forward to next year . .

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