Clean sweep for Mountain View & Deel Rangers

The final rounds of the national indoor championship were hosted today by the Carndonagh club at St Bridget’s hall, Clonmany, Co. Donegal. The teams who competed were Ballinasloe, Binnian View, Carndonagh, Clonmany A, Clonmany B, Canavans, Deel Rangers, Glenhill, Mountain View, Rockyes and Stapeltons.

Mountain View, national indoor champions at 560kg & 600kg

Five teams took part in the 600kg senior competition with the semi final pairings being Clonmany A versus Clonmany B and Mountain View versus Carndonagh. Mountain View were very strong as they overcame the host club in straight ends. They were joined in the final by Clonmany B who defeated their rivals in an impressive straight end victory. Clonmany B fought hard in the final but the Louth team were a little stronger as they won their fourth senior title of the season quite comfortably. Carndonagh produced an excellent performance to defeat neighbors, Clonmany A in straight ends to win a well deserved bronze medal. Mountain View set out to win a clean sweep of senior titles as they faced Deel Rangers in the semi final of the 560kg competition. There was no stopping the Louth men as they qualified for the final where they were joined by Clonmany A who fought hard to win revenge on Carndonagh in the second semi final. Clonmany A who were pulling with seven men produced a determined display but it was Mountain View who went on to win the gold medal and an amazing fifth title of the season. Congratulations to Mountain View on an excellent season. Carndonagh rounded off a good day for the club with a hard-fought straight end victory over Deel Rangers to win their second bronze medal of the day.

Deel Rangers, national indoor Div 2 champions at 560kg & 600kg

Deel Rangers who were aiming to complete a clean sweep of Div 2 titles easily overcame Glenhill to qualify for the 600kg Div 2 final. In the second semi final it was Rockyes from Co. Cavan who produced a fine display to defeat Binnian View to guarantee the silver medal. Rockyes who specialise in the lighter weight categories pulled very well in the final but it was the strong Deel Rangers team who took the gold medal with a straight end victory. Binnian View came from an end down to defeat Glenhill in the deciding end to win the bronze medal. Three teams took part in the Div 2 560kg competition as Deel Rangers qualified for the final once again. Glenhill overcame the disappointment of loosing out on bronze at 600kg to join the Westmeath men in the final. But there was no stopping the men from Co. Westmeath as they completed the outstanding achievement of winning all the Div 2 titles in their comeback season.

Binnian View, national indoor champions at 600kg novice

The four teams who took part in the novice championships were Ballinasloe, Binnian View, Canavans and Stapeltons. Binnian View who have had an excellent first season at national level qualified for the 600kg final where they were joined by Galway team, Canavans. It was the men from Co. Down who produced another fine performance to win the 600kg gold to add to their 640kg & 680kg titles. In an all Galway contest, Stapeltons defeated Ballinasloe to win the bronze medal.

Stapeltons, national indoor champions at 560kg novice

Binnian View also qualified for the 560kg final where this time they were joined by Stapeltons, the team from east Galway. This was a very entertaining contest as the Down men were denied their fourth title by an excellent Stapeltons performance as the Galway men won their first ever national title with a straight end victory. Well done to Michael Stapelton and his team. Canavans rounded off a good day for the Galway clubs by defeating Ballinasloe to win the bronze medal. Well done to the judges in charge, Pat McGurl & Gerry Ferguson who officiated a very busy program very efficiently in what was a very enjoyable conclusion to the national indoor season.

See full results on our Results page.

Click here to see photos from the national indoor championship held at Clonmany (note: there are two pages of photos)

40 comments on Clean sweep for Mountain View & Deel Rangers

  1. A good days pulling, very well run and kept moving a lot of heats ran and finished up in good time! Congratulations to the teams the did well on the different divisions.

  2. very good day yes as said well ran and everyone was happy wit the way it was managed fair play to everyone to the outdoor.

  3. Congratulation’s to the Carndonagh club on hosting a great tournament yesterday it was very well run,and a great venue.Hope to see another national tournament held there next year well done Carndonagh.Congratulation’s to all medal winner’s yesterday

  4. Thanks to all the teams who travelled yesterday and made it a successful well run event with a lot of help and ogranisaiton from the Association… Was great day’s pulling and looking forward to it all next season….. Good luck to any clubs travelling over to UK Championship – Mountain View and Clonmany and hopefully will have loads of medals home….

  5. We would like to thank all the teams who travelled to the event and for their support throughout the day.. It was a very successful well organised event with huge thanks to the Association. We look forward to next season’s events and would lkie to wish good luck to the Irish Teams who are travelling to the UK Championship

  6. a very special wel done to all who helped/ run yesturdays event, after all the complaining/ yaping it was the best event of the year.

  7. I don’t pull for them but u have to admit they are the best arroud good luck to them and clonmany in the uk championships!

  8. sadam hussane, you haven’t answered my question? how many years have you been pulling for? or do you pull at all?

  9. Bet u wish u had a good name like mine sadam and not some dictator! “Ha ha” good luck and hope u enjoy next years champships

  10. Is this a tug of war chat or a bitch chat…..Arthritis………you wouldnt have it if you held th rope right and not let it go……..AND DAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  11. well done to Mountain view all the hard work paid off and good luck for Scotland . well done to the mourne men (Binnian View) very impressive first season .

  12. well done wee back sider a foot in each camp .. best of luck 2 all teams going 2 Scotland i wonder which colours clonmany A and pats will wear in Scotland ?????? …

  13. never said i was anything to to do wif mountain veiw…
    just wanderin wot it was to you wot colour we wear…
    a wonder wot colour that binnian view wil be told to wear….

  14. this comment crack is quickly becoming a place where people log onto too see whos firing the shite at who..can we as a country please think of the people who set this site up for us and as tug heads we should know that its hard enough to get people pull not to mind them logging on to our gifted website to read this muck..and if people are so head strong on there opinion please please put your name on top before you comment..cheers donal

  15. the binnian boys won 3 medals this and worked very hard to sore hands ….. and as for how they will get on i wonder how ye will get on as ye where afraid 2 pull mountain veiw all year what happens if ya meet in scotland will ye pull them then ….. ha ha … sure ye proble will as ye will be in black …lol

  16. look lets get facts straight…..3 medals at novice big deal lets see wot they do in div 2 or senior…where the real men are…..cant wait for scotland then wel see who afraid of who…..

  17. Sore hands ha ha! The name was probably well picked! you might get over that problem with a years good hard training. You should try that and see how you get on. As for what will binnian view they lifted bronze in the 720 senior (better than clonmany did in the 640 ) and bronze in the 640 division 2 for a new squad of men only started pulling they had a good year and I say good luck to them.

  18. at least they where all novice pullers on binnian not like your selves and didnt go home when they where 4 kg over …and ye where div 2 all year as most of div one pullers are pulling with mountain view … ha ah now thats facts … lol

  19. As far I seen Clonmany A was the only team that could give Mountain View a pull this year

  20. this day next week its all over come on all the irish teams get stuck in …. and that shut you up sore hands .. you have a big chip whit life bild a brige and get over it …… lol…. and always rember cheeters never win …..ha ha good luck ….lol

  21. wil there be bouncers/onsite security in and around the floor/ hotels in scotland…. the way these comments are coming in i think they should consider it

  22. No what you will find over there is the best 2 teams in the country and not like some of the narrow minded little girls crying in the school yard over a doll like some of the comments posted above. Once again I say good luck to both teams and do our we country proud!

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