Three in a row for Mountain View

The third round of the national indoor championship took place today in Lordship, Co. Louth where there 640kg titles were contested. The teams who competed were Ballyhooly, Ballinasloe, Binnian View, Canavans, Carndonagh, Clonmany A, Clonmany B, Deel Rangers, Four Lakes, Glenhill, Killoughey, Stapeltons, St. Pats & Rockyes.

Mountain View, national senior champions at 640kg

Eight teams took part in the senior 640kg competition. Mountain View continued their impressive season by finishing top of the league system. They were joined in the semi finals by Clonmany A, Clonmany B & Deel Rangers with Carndonagh just missing out in fifth position. Clonmany A easily overcame Clonmany B in the first semi final as Mountain View also enjoyed a straight end victory over Deel Rangers to qualify for the final. Once again the two top teams in the country at the moment faced each other in the national final as the excitement rose in St. Patrick’s hall. The first end was a very even contest as Clonmany gradually won a few feet of rope. Mountain View didn’t panic and kept their shape very well to respond and moved the rope back to win the first end in a time of around five minutes. Clonmany dropped in hard in the second end and pushed from the off but were unable to get the Louth team into any significant trouble. Mountain View who are the team to beat this season produced another flawless display to win the second end and the national senior title at 640kg. Clonmany B had to dig deep to overcome a very resilient Deel Rangers team to win the bronze medal.

Deel Rangers, national Div 2 champions at 640kg

Five teams took part in the Div 2 championship and after some fine even pulling it was Deel Rangers who once again finished top of the league system and went on to defeat Ballyhooly in the semi final to qualify for their third Div 2 final of the season. St. Pats overcame Cavan team, Rockyes in the second semi final to set up a repeat of the 680kg final from two weeks ago. It was Deel Rangers who were the stronger team once again as they defeated St. Pats in straight ends to win the gold medal. Ballyhooly also enjoyed a straight end victory over Rockyes to win the bronze medal.

Binnian View, national champions at 640kg novice

Six teams competed in a very entertaining novice 640kg championship. Binnian View who have been very impressive in their first season pulled well again to finish top of the group, they were joined in the semi final by Stapeltons, Canavans and Four Lakes. Stapeltons defeated Canavans in an all Galway contest to qualify for the final where they were joined by Binnian View who defeated Four Lakes in the second semi final. There was very little between the teams in the final as Stapeltons fought very well but it was Binnian View under the guidance of Brian Murray who went on to win their second title in a row with a straight end victory. Four Lakes overcame Canavans in a very entertaining third place pull-off which went to three ends to win the bronze medal.

Mountain View, national champions at U23 480kg

The three teams who took part in the U23 6-a-side 480kg competition were Canavans, Killoughey & Mountain View. It was Mountain View and Killoughey who progressed to face each other in the final. The final was an even contest but it was Mountain View who had the slight edge as they went on to win their second U23 title of the season. Well done to chief judge, James Ward who ran a very efficient and entertaining championship.

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  1. I’m not sure. Best check with the chief judge, Gerry Ferguson. You will find his number on the Connaught page. I think our leader announced on Sunday that the 600kg would be first

  2. Notice there was a reweight at the semi final stage of the Senior competition on sunday. i thought the weight gained was excessive be most of the team, Just wondered want the rule is and what is acceptable? I would expect, 2 Kg extra for night before weight, plus 3 kg of clothes, so about 40 -50 kg per team.

  3. your confused? a dont no about the senior teams, but why was there only one novice team weighed in before the final?????

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