Gold for Mountain View at 680kg

The national indoor championships resumed today in Cushinstown, Co. Meath where the 680kg senior, Div 2 & novice titles were contested. The teams who competed were Binnian View, Four Lakes, Canavans, Carbery, Ballinasloe, Stapeltons, Killoughey, Deel Rangers, St. Pats, Clonmany, Mountain View, Ballyhooly, Glenhill & Rockyes.

Mountain View, national indoor champions at 680kg

Four teams took part in the senior competition as Clonmany and Mountain View faced each other in the final, a repeat of the 720kg final in Carlow. This was another very exciting contest as Clonmany won the first end in a time of around four minutes. Clonmany also worked well in the second end bringing Mountain View to within an inch of the line. With both teams on two cautions they both fell to the mat. Mountain View responded quicker and brought the rope all the way back to bring the contest into a third end. Mountain View were the stronger team in the deciding end as they went on to win their second national title in a row. Deel Rangers defeated Binnian View to win the bronze medal.

Deel Rangers, national indoor Div 2 champions at 680kg

Six teams took part in the Div 2 championship as Deel Rangers from Co. Westmeath finished on top of the league system. In the semi they overcame Killoughey in straight ends to qualify for the final. St. Pats also enjoyed a straight end victory over Ballyhooly in the second semi final. Deel Rangers who have been very strong since making their comeback to action defeated St. Pats in straight ends to win their second Div 2 title of the season. Killoughey defeated Ballyhooly in a three end contest to win the bronze medal.

Binnian View, national indoor champions at 680kg novice

There was some fine pulling in the novice competition as seven teams competed. Binnian View from Co. Down who are in their first season pulled very well to finish top of the league system. They went on to defeat Canavans in the semi final to qualify for their first ever national final. Four Lakes who are also a new club overcame Carbery in the second semi final. The final was another excellent contest but it was Binnian View who were a little stronger and they went on to win the gold medal and their first national title. Canavans from Co. Galway pulled well to defeat 720kg champions, Carbery in straight ends to win the bronze medal.

See full results on our Results page.

Click here to see photos from today’s national championship in Cushinstown.

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  1. I think that the final decision will be made at an executive meeting this weekend. Seeing that it took all day to run the 680kg it is probably unrealistic to think that the 560kg & 600kg could be run in one day as well as ladies & U23

  2. lots of team will be trying to use the same men to pull the 560 and 600, so they can’t even be run side by side. it makes no seen and make a joke of any team training all season for the light competitions. another sunday needs to be run for the 560. Get ur comments up now, make all the clubs views known now.

    1. it doesnt make sense travelling out forgien(donegal)for a 600kgs when most of teams are in middle of country…………………what brains organised this can itowa tell me????????????????????

      1. Who is the idiot making the comment about Donegal. Clonmany is one of the top senior clubs with 2 teams who have win many national and international level titles and there are 2 other senior clubs from the area. Why shouldn’t they host it. Some of you midlanders might learn a thing or 2 about indoor tug of war at a Donegal competition.

      2. well all i no is whos winning all the seniors last two seasons……………………think ye will learn more by us coming up………………..

  3. There was an ITOWA meeting on Saturday evening. I was not there but this is what your delegates decided based on the feedback from you (the clubs). If clubs are not happy then talk to your delegates again.

  4. Your delegates decided the following on Saturday evening “he current proposal is to have the 600kg on Saturday 29th at 3pm with weigh-in from 12:30 – 2:30. 560kg on Sunday the 30th at 12pm with weigh-in from 9:30 – 11:30. Both fixtures in St Bridget’s hall, Clonmany”.
    Some clubs are not happy with the above. I expect a final decision will be made at the 640kg next Sunday. In the meantime contact your delegates to put forward your points of view

  5. what an idiotic remark referring to Donegal as being the same as travelling out foreign, they obviously ain’t accustomed to having to travel anywhere?? WHY shoud it not be in Donegal, when four of the Senior Teams are from Donegal…. infact Inishowen….. They do not complain when have had and often do have to travel down the County to Competitions i.e. Carlow and Cushinstown already…..and Louth this Sunday… Explain fairness to someone from middle of country who does not have to travel far at all… Both 560 snf 600kgs were already allocated to Donegal at start of season so is silly argument at this stage………

    1. Not an argument but lets say u had too travel down too the tip of co cork and cows calving and tryin too make a livin on scrap then u would feel my pain……plus if i travel too donegal i’ll need my passport………………..FACT

  6. regardless of what division teams pull in, each are training and givin alot of dedication and time to the sport so i think thats insignificant. There are teams from all corners of the country and at least if it was kept relatively central it would make the cost and time involved for the overall tug of war population to a minimum. To expect southern teams to make two trips to donegal or whats lookin like a whole weekend is nothing short of a joke.

  7. at this stage it dosint matter where it is if the dedication is there travellin is not the proplem the problem is that the question was asked at the last comp about the sat and the sun and from what i remember there were more than a few that couldn commit to it why bother askin clubs if ye were gooin ta more or less go ahead wit it ye call them off before xmas and now ye want ta squeeze two in one weekend a pure joke. the location is top class put on another sun in the same place but make the decision now so men can accomadate there families they have to be considered too.

    1. You have just hid the nail on the head there. Location is not the problem. Saturday pull was asked about at the 680 pull and is was shot down by the clubs. we all have families who when you work 5 days a week and pull on sunday only get 1 day. Saturday is out of the question, and 2 weights on sunday is out of the question. What is wrong with the 30th? i am going to perth and i would have no problem with pullin on the 30th. ITOWA is run for the clubs not the other way round. get your views known

      1. 5 days a week work………..try 7 days a week with cows calving now and family also…………..three rows of mats there at the 680kg and waitin around for hours…… not organised or nothing………making a joke of the indoor………..if teams go at outdoor this year that did indoor well i think indoor will get very weak and fall apart…………

  8. The latest proposal I have heard is to have the weigh-in on Saturday evening and run all the weights on Sunday the 30th beginning at 10:30am. A bit like the English national championships. It would mean an overnight stay in Donegal but teams coming a long way would be doing that anyway.

  9. doesn’t sound lik a bad idea at all. Alot of teams would be stayin night before as a result of the journey and to have two saturdays of travel and stayin that night would be too much to ask Men down south have families too..

  10. in bin ladens defence i dont think bein on from 1.01pm to 1.05pm counts as ‘all day’….unless donegal is in a different time zone possibly??

  11. sum sense at last from the itowa, 10.30 start on sunday wud be great…..

    ps whos gona look yer mans cattle????

  12. so we still have ta travel on sat not any better in my view.what time will it be over on sun?how many teams will be competin in each division?how many matts will be used?questions we are all askin and nobody in charge has any answers would it be safe ta say that comin from the west we mite as well take sat of work and sun away and monday off cause we wont get home till monday i have said the location is top class but what is the sudden panic are all the organisers goin on holiday after that sunday or what give everybody a fair chance at winning an all ireland medal thats what its about and add another sunday for christ sake.

  13. The general feeling from most teams is to get the indoor over by the end of January. If it does all go ahead on the Sunday beginning at 10:30 there will be two mats used for the men’s competitions and one shorter mat used for U23’s & ladies. Hopefully it will be over by 5pm. You have to take into consideration that the referees & officials are volunteers, they are not getting paid. They actually have to pay EUR20 membership. We need more people to get involved and help out. Last year approximately 20 people did a judging course but they did not show up at championships on a Sunday to help out. We need more volunteers to get involved, become delegates etc…. no point in sitting back and giving out like 99% of people involved in Tug of War.
    Give your Connaught delegates a ring. Chris Egan & Gerry Ferguson. If you are not happy with how they are representing you then replace them at the upcoming connaught AGM, simple as that. Are you interested in going for a delegate position yourself?

  14. at last someone wit a pair of balls ta get stuck in to a arguement. usually i would not give out about anything but since u want ta get into it most of the clubs want it over by the end of jan that was not at all exspressed by clubs 2 weeks ago. my problem is that we have ta go up sat to weigh inn some lads are unable ta do that due to wifes and partners workin weekend shifts and no babysitters available which means after trainin to win an all ireland medal we wont be able to compete also if we could weigh before the comp these guys would have to set of at 5 in the morn for 2 comp in one day and drive home after it dosint take a rocket scientest to work out that is impossibe.further more we dont get paid either and we pay more a i interested not at the moment but i will take up that offer when i have a little more free time.when is the final desision bein made on this. we didint need to contact our connaught delegats because we felt our voice was well heard 2 weeks ago but obiously ignored

  15. I’m just going on what the president siad. I was not part of that meeting. I stay out of these things, my job is to look after the finances. Not sure what is happening about the weekend of the 29th/30th. Maybe just contact the president or your delegates. I presume a final decision will be made this coming Sunday in Lordship. I realise this is short notice. Talk to ya Sunday!

  16. no problem nothin personal but it is about keepin the majority happy and u cant please everyone we will c what clubs agree on sunday.

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