4 thoughts on “Outdoor fixtures 2011

  1. hello, can you tell me why is the fixtures for the outdoor are done three months before teams start training. but the indoor are made a month before the frist all ireland starts. is the indoor not as important to the association as the outdoor is ?can you take this up at your next meeting. from a clonmany b puller


  2. Very good point Daniel! Setting out the fixtures is done by the 8 delegates (2 from each province). Only 1 or 2 delegates represent indoor clubs. The delegates are elected by the clubs. If clubs are not happy with the delegates they replace them at their next provincial AGM, simple as that. From the ITOWA webmaster!


  3. thanks i just didn t no how it was done. but i will look in to it in our club thanks. the indoor teams need to do a bit for next year then thanks agin. can you tell me who is the ulster delegates at the min


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