Eire Og improve GENSB ranking

The 13th GENSB games tournament was held yesterday in Raalte, a village in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The Irish development squad pulling under Eire Og were competing in their fifth tournament and performed well improving three places on last year’s ranking to 12th. This was by far their toughest test in their five year history. They were drawn in the toughest group with ten teams and four qualifing for the last 16. They had a gruelling contest with Streefkerk from the Netherlands with the judge centering the pull twice with the Dutch team eventually winning and topping the group with a maximum 27 points. Eire Og also qualified with a very hard earned 19 points. In the knockout phase their luck did not change as they were defeated two straight pulls by TTV Powerrangers from Belgium, who went on to win the silver medal. Mosnang from Switzerland won gold for the second year running.

Click here to see full results.

Click here to see photos from the GENSB tournament from the Dutch website.

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