GENSB tournament 2009

The GENSB Games youth tournament took place last weekend in Penhale, England. The Irish Development squad U18’s (Eire Og) made it to the last 16 knockout stages of the competition for the second year running. A very good achievement considering that they only had a panel of nine youths to pick from, after loosing five squad members on the final weeks before departure.  41 teams took part in the competition and the Irish lads finished 15th overall.

Eire Og team in action at the GENSB Games
Eire Og team in action at the GENSB Games

The competition was run in four groups with the top four teams in each qualifing for the last 16. Eire Og were drawn in a tough group which included TTV Streefkerk from the Netherlands (who finished 5th overall) and also Ebersecken from Switzerland (who finished 8th overall). The lads pulled very well to squeeze into the last 16 in fourth place with 16 points. However, in the last 16 they were very unfortunate to come up against the strong Hovmantorps DK team from Sweden who went on to win the bronze medal. The competition was eventually won by Mosnang from Switzerland. The Eire Og squad were, Sean Murray, Chris Smyth, Tomas Wilson, Tom Barry, Ger Lawlor, Daniel Clarke, Stephen Clarke, Darren O’Connor, Padraig Hannon, Coach Brian Murray, Group leader Eddie Fitzgerald and Judge Gerry Ferguson.

Click here to see photos from the event. (Thanks to our colleagues in the English association for sending on photos)

Click here to see full results

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