Promoting Tug of War in the media

Local and national media are the key to promoting the sport of Tug of War. We have a good product with top class national championships and continued success for Irish team at International level,  we just have to get it our there and make it known to people. The Irish 640kilo team will be fighting for a medal at the World Games in Taiwan in July, one of the few sports being represented by Ireland at these prestigious games. These games should be used to help establish contacts in the national media.

It is the responsibility of each individual club to promote the sport in their local media. If anyone would like an Irish Tug of War Association email address for this purpose please contact us. If anyone has any contacts in the the national newspapers which we could use to promote our great sport please contact us. If any local or national journalist is interested in running articles on the sport of Tug of War please contact us. The future of the sport is in the hands of the clubs 🙂

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