Disappointing third day for Ireland in Sweden

Ireland 560kg team

Ireland 560kg team

The world International championship began today following the completion of the club championship which saw Boley win gold at 680kg, Lakehill win silver at 640kg and Killylough win bronze at 560kg. Ireland were represented by Killylough at 560kg which got underway in the morning in very wet conditions in Stenungsund. Eight countries took part in the competition which saw the Irish loosing to the Swiss in the first pull of the day. The Monaghan men rcovered well to defeat Wales and South Africa to get 6 points on the board. They then faced Northern Ireland who were represented by Ban Cran who won silver in Minehead last year. This was a very exciting contest which saw the two Irish teams share the points. The Irish then defeated Belgium in straight ends to put them on course for a semi final spot. However Ireland failed to take any points off Sweden or England and were tied for the last semi final spot with Northern Ireland on 10 points, however Ireland were denied the semi final spot as they received more cautions than their Irish neighbours. Nothern Ireland pulled very well to defeat England to win the bronze medal. Sweden defeated Switzerland in the final to win the gold medals.

Ireland 680kg team

Ireland 680kg team

Ireland were represented in the mens 680 by pullers from Lakehill, Killylough, Boley and Gortletteragh. 13 countries entered and it was run in two groups. Ireland’s group included England, Netherlands, China, Latvia and USA. They started off well defeating China in two straight ends. They then faced a very powerful Latvia team who did not let the Irish settle in either end to take the points. Ireland recovered to take full points from the USA. The Irish then faced England who were represented by Bosley. They pulled very well in this contest breaking down the English in both ends to take the 3 points. However the Netherland proved too strong for Ireland in the last pull winning it in straight ends. Netherland topped the group with maximum points. Latvia, England and Ireland were tied for second place on 9 points. They all won an equal number of matches and all recived three cautions each. The placings for 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the group were then decided by team weight. The Irish who weighed 680 bang on not only lost out on a semi final place but also lost their place in next year’s world games as both Latvia and England weighed 676 and 679 respectely.

The Irish will be hoping to recover from todays disappointing results on the final day of the championships. Irish hopes turn to Boley tomorrow who are representing in the men’s 640kg.

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