Round-up from Madison

Men’s 640kg results

Gold: Switzerland

Silver: Sweden

Bronze: Germany

Fourth: Basque Country

A disappointing championship from an Irish point of view reached it’s conclusion yesterday in Madison with a 6th place finish in the men’s 640kg. The Switzerland national team based around the invincible Ebersecken and Ebgelberg clubs won the gold at 640kg claiming six gold medals winning all six senior men competitions. There is a bit of soul searching to be done by the new Irish management set-up but nonetheless it was a gutsy performance overall by the small Irish panel who travelled and competed in difficult conditions. We wish everyone a safe trip home.

Click here to watch the 640kg final, a masterclass of Tug of War from Switzerland. 

Closed championship day 1 results

Men’s 700kg results

Gold: Switzerland

Silver: Sweden

Bronze: Netherlands

Fourth: England

Men’s 580kg results

Gold: Switzerland

Silver: England

Bronze: Basque Country

Fourth: Ireland

Results Day 2

Men’s 640kg results

Gold: Ebersecken, Switzerland

Silver: Veenseboys, Netherlands

Bronze: Bison, Netherlands

Fourth: Boley, Ireland

Clonterm finish 3rd in their group. 

Thursday’s results from Madison

Men’s 700kg results

Gold: Ebersecken, Switzerland

Silver: Bison, Netherlands

Bronze: Heure, Netherlands

Fourth: Lakehill, Ireland

Men’s 580kg results

Gold: Engelberg, Switzerland

Silver: Norton, England

Bronze: Gaztedi, Basque country

Fourth: Mount Vernon, USA

Glenhill pulled well and just missed out on qualification from their group by 2 points. 

Top 16 finish for Eire Og at GENSB

Two teams from the Irish youth development made the trip to Folkestone, England at the weekend for the 17th GENSB Games tournament. The lads performed well to qualify from their group to the knockout stages. Unfortunately there were defeated in the last 16 contest by Appenzell from Switzerland. Eire Og finished in 11th position overall. Please email your photos from the trip to the PRO for uploading to the website. 

Click here to see results from Folkestone.

National indoor championship

The closing date for applications to host a round of the indoor nationals is the 5th September. Applications should be made through the secretary.

ISC/Coaching Ireland Forum 2014

Coaching Ireland are holding a Coaching Forum at Sligo IT on the 26th September. They have some very big names in the Coaching World presenting on the day. They are hoping to attract people from all over Europe but mostly they are interested in having our own local coaches attend. They have asked us to advertise the event within the Tug of War community. Coaching Ireland